A Kick In The Pants # 1 – The Challenged

Nothing like an awesome punk rock album to start off the summer. Last year Brooklyn New York’s The Challenged gave us three excellent cuts on their 7 Guys, 1 Cup split digital EP with Nancy, and now a new full-length is at our doorstep thanks to the fine folks at Rally Records. On first listen Loaded Language seems a little straightforward – well executed melodic punk that’s neither sophomoric nor pretentious. Further spins reveal a trail of influences that were scraped off the entire map of modern-age punk rock. The punk pop of Pennsylvania’s Slacker (see: Mutant Pop, not Moon Ska), the spastic sounds of Ohio’s Dopamines, and the semi-slick sound of SoCal skate punk can be heard throughout these 13 tracks.  All songs are propelled by frenzied guitars and drums that careen around each turn of phrase; there’s not a trace of neanderthal shouting or brain dead solos.  You can tell these guys took the time to craft these songs into something (albeit slightly) more refined than the typical basement output.  The formula works best when speed and the anthemic combine on songs like “Hook, Line, and Sink Her,” “Lost In The Music,” and the title track.  Impressive stuff here.

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