The Oh-Blog-A-Tory Best Of 2010 List (v1.5)

Music in 2010 has picked up right where it left off in 2009. Artists are pressing more vinyl (yay!) and recording to cassette (pass) but one thing is for sure – self-releasing one’s own music has never been easier. Free digital downloads are becoming increasingly more common – 5 of my big nods below are 100% free. Many critics have complained about an over-saturation of music in our underground circles but dedicated blogs and voluminous, music-streaming havens (Rhapsody anyone?) help us separate the wheat from the chaff. Anyone who tells you there’s nothing new worth listening to/owning/buying/going to see is clearly not looking in the right place – or they’re not looking at all.

Below is a list of 2010 albums worth mentioning so far this year – in both positive and negative light. I linked to a notable track from each release. I could blah blah blah on and on about each album but I figure most people who collect their music ‘on-the-go’ grow a little tired of most blogger’s repertoires of positive descriptors/hi-5’s/malapropisms plus you can always refer to the Mini-Beats section of the site if necessary. Less talk, more rock.

The Most-Definite Nods

Beach House – Teen Dream (Norway)
Magic Man – Real Life Color (Magic Man)
Sleigh BellsTreats (Crown On The Ground)
Broken Social SceneForgiveness Rock Record (Meet Me In The Basement)
Sarah JaffeSuburban Nature (Clementine)
SnowdenSlow Soft Syrup EP (So Red)
HussaloniaAttention Deficit Disorder EP (All of My Verbs Are Infinitives)
The Besnard LakesAre The Roaring Night (Albatross)
YeasayerOdd Blood (Ambling Alp)
Rogue WavePermalight (Stars and Stripes)
ClogsThe Creatures In The Garden of Lady Walton (Red Seas)
Wiggly TendrilsRomance In The Executive Branch (The Fires Of Mount Vernon)
Dinosaur FeathersFantasy Memorial (Teenage Whore)
Jeremy MessersmithThe Reluctant Graveyard (Violet!)

Honorable Mentions

La StradaNew Home (Wash On By)
EF – Mourning Golden Morning (Sons Of Ghosts)
The FranksDuh EP (Health Sciences)
CocoRosieGrey Oceans (R.I.P. Burn Face)
Black TambourineBlack Tambourine (Throw Aggi Off The Bridge)
CultsGo Outside 7″ (Go Outside)
CoolrunningsBabes Forever EP (Better Things)
Secret CitiesPink Graffiti (Pink Graffiti Pt. 1)
WeakerthansLive At The Burton Cummings Theatre (Left and Leaving)
KeepawayBaby Style EP (Yellow Wings)
Drink Up ButtercupBorn And Thrown On A Hook (Doggyhead)
Dum Dum GirlsI Will Be (Bhang Bhang I’m A Burnout)
My EducationSunrise (Sunrise)
Yukon BlondeYukon Blonde (Loyal Man)
Nathaniel RateliffIn Memory Of Loss (Early Spring Till)
CaribouSwim (Odessa)
Cloud Nothings/CampfiresSplit (Cloud Nothings – Little Raygun)
Man/MiracleThe Shape Of Things (Back Of The Card)
Titus AndronicusThe Monitor (Four Score Part Two)
Nada SurfIf I Had A Hi Fi (Electrocution)
The Helio Sequence/MenomenaSplit 7″ (Helio Sequence – Converter)
Cloud CultRunning With The Wolves EP (Running With The Wolves)
FanfarloYou Are One 7″ (You Are One)
Medications – Completely Removed (Long Day)
Milhaven (Supervulkan)
JónsiGo (Kolnidur)
Thinking MachinesWork Tapes (Parallax)
King Of PrussiaThe Time Of Great Forgetting EP (Waitin’ For Something)
KissesThe Heart Of The Nightlife (Bermuda)
Wye OakMy Neighbor/My Creator EP (My Neighbor)
Virgin Of The BirdsBanquet Years EP (Let Me Be Your Bride)
HussaloniaAlonia EP (Is There A Save Me Look Painted On My Face?)
Bettie ServeertPharmacy of Love (Semaphore)
Surfer BloodAstro Coast (Take It Easy)
Tunng…And Then We Saw Land (Hustle)
ModdiFloriography (Rubbles)
Jack RoseLuck In The Valley (Blues For Percy Danforth)
Shapes Stars MakeThese Mountains Are Safe (Sunrise)
Frightened RabbitThe Winter Of Mixed Drinks (The Wrestle)
Spy IslandAt The Vegan Witch Trials (Hot Weather Anatomy)
Field MusicMeasure (Measure)
GalleriesGalleries EP (Underground Overground)
Basia BulatHeart Of My Own (The Shore)
Broken BellsBroken Bells (insert ‘cease & desist’ letter here)
Vampire WeekendContra (Cousins)
Electric LitanyHow To Be A Child & Win The War (February)
Janelle MonáeThe ArchAndroid (57821 feat. Deep Cotton)
HammockNorth West East South EP (South)
Lab PartnersMoonlight Music (It’s Funny)

Not So Much…

The Apples In StereoTravellers In Space and Time
Fionn ReganThe Shadow Of An Empire
Damien JuradoSaint Bartlett
William FitzsimmonsDerivatives
Gogol BordelloTrans-Continental Hustle
65daysofstaticWe Were Exploding Anyway
The Radio Dept.Clinging To A Scheme
Kaki KingJunior
Matt Pond PAThe Dark Leaves
Ted LeoThe Brutalist Bricks
Miles KuroskyThe Desert Of Shallow Effects
Josiah WolfJet Lag
Xiu XiuDear God, I Hate Myself
Laura Gibson & Ethan RoseBridge Carols
Toro y MoiCausers Of This
The Magnetic FieldsRealism
First Aid KitThe Big Black and The Blue

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