Mixtapes + News – July 2010: Part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve chimed in with notable release and mixtape news which means you’ll need to clear off some hard drive space for what’s to come. Also, you may have noticed that Mark Hughson has returned to BTID. Readers of BTID back during the second phase of the site (2003-2006) will remember his enthusiasm and keen eye for melody. It seems every time I make a call for help with posting he’s the first to jump on-board. Shame on the rest of you!

The Yewknee Summer Mix Series 2010 is in full effect and yours truly has posted a mix for your consumption. So Many Ways To Die was inspired by the great Bombadil song, these strange yet entertaining illustrations and the apparent dearth of ‘deadly’ songs in my collection. You can also clamp your jaws on BTID contributor Stephen Smith’s Basketball With Dad mixtape. Lynyrd Skynyrd? The balls on this guy…

If you’ve been following the Hussalonia album-per-month project, great. If not, you’re missing out on one of the most painfully underrated (and prolific) tunesmiths in recent years. There are two new releases since I last relayed the news to you – The Somewhat Surprising Return Of ‘Percy Thrills’ Hussalonia and Hissalonia. Just in case you were too busy pretending The College Dropout was the second coming of hip-hop back in 2004 – an original Percy Thrills classic fo’ dat ass:

‘Percy Thrills’ Hussalonia – Fawcett Crest

The Wiggly Tendrils have neatly packaged up their (extensive) back-catalog of songs into yearly ‘albums’ on their Bandcamp page. Grab each year dating back to 2008 on a pay-what-you-damn-well-please basis. Included in 2010’s bundle is the newly-unleashed BTID theme song.  The collective is still taking your song requests via the form on their blog OR by dialing (440) TEN-DRIL. Yes, you can phone that business in.

The first of two virtual summer compilation cassettes has been released on the fabulous BEKO_DSL netlabel. Click on the image above to claim it for yourself. Don’t underestimate this – it features tracks from several extended members of the BTID monthly mix family – Tan Dollar, Death and Vanilla, Idiot Glee and La Femme. And finally, an Eternal Summers track I can fully stand behind.

Eternal Summers – Pure Affection

(to be continued tomorrow…)

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