Mini-Beats – July 2010 – Edition 22

BoasBoas (2010, self-released) ♥♥♥
-not a whole lot of information out there on the member(s) of the band but this will appeal to fans of melodic IDM, shoegaze or Mantles-inspired chillwave-
Oberhofero0Oo0Oo EP (2010, self-released) ♥♥♥♥
-not sure how official this release is but there’s enough lo-fi pop perfection on here to force it onto everyone’s year-end list; oh, and it’s free
CaribouTour CD 2010 (2010, self-released) ♥♥♥♥
-rumor had it that Dan Snaith’s tour cd’s were nothing short of super awesome; I’m a believer-
FUR / Coyote Clean UpLacksadaisical EP (2010, Waaga) ♥♥♥
-mostly chill beats not unlike Washed Out; not much difference between the two contributors-
FaustFaust is Last (2010, Klangbad) ♥♥½
-those expecting the krautrock leanings of their early career will surely be disappointed; that’s not to say this is without its artistic merit – just a bit more warped weirdness kinda like the last Scott Walker album-
The SadiesDarker Circles (2010, YepRoc) ♥♥♥
-this got a little better with each subsequent spin; there’s plenty of alt. country variety here but it won’t be ranked up there with John Doe & Co.’s best-
Mayhew The TraitorDeathwish (2008, Thinker Thought) ♥♥
-i downloaded this based on a review that claimed it to be ‘dark, Gothic Americana’ but it’s hardly any of those and mostly uninteresting-
Sam QuinnThe Fake That Sunk A Thousand Ships (2010, Ramseur) ♥♥♥
-loved Sam’s work with Jill Andrews as the Everybodyfields but while there are a few good songs here there isn’t much to latch onto even after a few listens-
A Thousand Times YesHeart Beats (2006, self-released) ♥♥♥
-slightly more aggressive than their previous album; the tag-team boy/girl interplay still exists making adding a bit of fun; RIYL The Anniversary
Wolf ParadeExpo 86 (2010, Sub Pop) ♥♥♥
-highly anticipated after hearing the first two singles but these lycanthropes may be losing their edge; creative twists and turns have been replaced with predictability-
Honey For PetziNicholson + RMX for HFP (2006, Gentlemen) ♥♥♥½
-this continues along a natural progression of their previous work; fans of noodly guitar work and melodic instrumental mathcore rejoice and thank these Swissmen; RIYL Don Caballero / Dianogah
The BooksThe Way Out (2010, Temporary Residence) ♥♥♥½
-the purveyors of the folktronica genre and warm, textured sound collages and samples have notched another winner in their catalog-
Justin RutledgeThe Early Widows (2010, Six Shooter) ♥♥½
-Americana (from Canada) that focuses on fragile balladry; couple tracks include gospel choir backing to mix things up; RIYL Tom McRae
The MantlesPink Information (2010, Mexican Summer) ♥♥
-not too much to see here if you were hoping for more of the S/T LP; sold exclusively on Record Store Day-
The MicrophonesThe Glow Pt. 2 (3LP Remaster) (2007, K) ♥♥♥♥½
-my first experience with the full LP of bonus tracks/outtakes/b-sides from this period and it does little to add to the original recording-
LinfinityMartian’s Bloom (2010, American Myth) ♥♥½
-if you treasure the thought of DeVotchKa fronted by Antony Hegarty (Antony & The Johnsons) then you might glean some honey from this comb; the bad news is this batch of tunes leaves little more than a faint impression after a few listens-
The LiminanasI’m Dead 7″ (2010, Hozac) ♥♥♥½
-excellent throwback sound that channels the Specter wall-of-sound through 60’s psyche-pop a la Os Mutantes; bring on the full-length-
GrailsBlack Tar Prophecies Vol. 4 (2010, Important) ♥♥
-a very tame (read: dull) effort for a band that usually keeps the post-rock real; hopefully not a sign of things to come…-
The AcornNo Ghost (2010, Paper Bag) ♥♥½
-if you were hoping for exploratory indie-folk sounds similar to ‘The Flood’ etc. from the excellent Glory Hope Mountain you’re going to leave this one as disappointed as I was; as harmless as it was unfulfilling-
CarrotsSo Many Failures You Call Success (2005, Grabaciones Del Mar) ♥♥♥♥
-a compilation of ‘hits’ from this seriously overlooked collective from Spain; equal parts E6 psyche-pop and power-pop and jangle-

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