A Kick In The Pants # 3 – Mixtapes

Cincinnati, Ohio’s Mixtapes fall in the “immensely hard to Google band names” slot, so I thought I’d bring the good stuff right to your doorstep.   Their album Maps from earlier this year is one of my new favorite discoveries, and the more recently released Thought About Growing Up EP has proven the band’s debut was not a fluke.  “Recently” allows us to slide easily into the Mixtapes chemistry: Maura’s voice starts off adorable, soft, and almost cracked. Ryan’s voice joins in for a lower harmony that still exudes a feyness; a complimentary combo that hasn’t been heard since the glory days of Kindercore.  Yet, as the band shifts into a higher gear with “Morning Sex and AM Radio” the vocals get stronger, the indie pop gets a healthy dose of punk, and the mixture comes together like a packet of sugar being absorbed in a bead of sweat.  The late 90s surge of catchy rock that was (erroneously?) dubbed emo seems to be a influence, and more happy punk pop comes in the form of “Sprinkles,” but the deal is forever sealed when the band does a kick ass cover of the Kung Fu Monkeys “Pop Rocks And Coke.”  It’s a stellar version and a perfect choice for a band that once again makes me want to invent a new genre called basement bubblegum.  The band has put up all their material online for free, so check those links above and your ear’s sweet tooth will thank you later.

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