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Once in a while a release comes along that you just have to tell others about, even if it’s just a funny thing that you want to spread like a joke that gets forwarded in e-mails around the office. Enter Fishboy.

It’s self-proclaimed EPIC POP and I won’t argue with that. Imagine the love child of a classic-era Elephant 6 band and They Might Be Giants. Acoustic and amped, peppy and cute, but with a black comedy side as well. The fact that Happy Happy Birthday To Me is putting this out might also help you calibrate your audio compass. Each song tells the story of a different character, all in some way connected, and as the album progresses the story unravels until a climactic conclusion brings many of the characters together (note: the story involves time travel… and an owl). If it sounds convoluted I assure you that it is not. To lessen the strain on your brain, the album itself is accompanied with a handy-dandy comic, so you can see and read the story as it plays!

Yes, taking note of the gimmick is unavoidable (though it is kinda cool) but luckily the music can stand alone on it’s own. Check the link for the complete album stream and the comic for the full Classic Creeps experience.

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