Chuck Ragan/Sharks/Dave Hause

Went to see Chuck Ragan play the other night at The Note in West Chester and it made me realize a few things:

A.) Sharks are mining a very much missed 80’s mod/punk/alternative territory that has not been replicated well lately, at least not from anything I’ve been listening to. They’re going to be pretty big as far as ‘our’ circles go, especially since they have been and will continue to tour with Social D this year. That fabulous looking black and blue swirled LP is going to be gone before you know it. Check them on tour and grab it for 12 bones if you know what’s best for ya.

B.) Local songsmith Dave Hause (member of The Loved Ones) knows how to stir up a typically-complacent Philly crowd with acoustic, yet high-energy odes to the proletariat. This marked my first experience with Dave’s wares and it certainly won’t be my last. I was more than ecstatic to hand over my working-class cash to pick up all the wax he had out on the table, including 2 different versions of a misprinted Loved Ones 10″.

C.) The two Rumbleseat songs below still resonate as strongly with me today as they did several years ago when I first downloaded them from Audiogalaxy. We’ll always be BFF’s. Click that link to get the discography LP for a cool $8 from the bitchin’ No Idea distro.

D.) For as much as I like/appreciate Chuck getting his beard on and playing alongside a fiddle and upright bass – I really really want Hot Water Music to write and tour again. He belted out a few old HWM tunes (with the help of the Sharks lads) and the place just exploded out of its cathartic state with shout-outs and fist pumps.That’s one show I’d get in the pit for, gray beard, busted knees and all.

Rumbleseat – California Burritos

Rumbleseat – Cursing Concrete


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