Mixtapes + News – July 2010: Part 2

My unhealthy man-blog-crush with Yewknee continues as I feel compelled to hype the next installment in the Yewknee Records catalog, the latest Uncle Skeleton LP. I haven’t gotten the chance to spin it in its entirety but considering I put Pancho Chumley in my favorites of ’09 list – this will be worthy of our time.

There’s also a new Yewknee mix that pre-dates the Summer Mix Series contribution. There’s several great tracks on here, some of which you already know. Click the pic for details.

Paige from Flux-Rad has added two more mixtapes to her collection since we last spoke – Holy Carp and Academy Of Altered Lovers.

R.I.P. Optical Atlas

An excellent new-ish mixtape from Ears Of The BeholderPartially Shaded. You’ll be seeing a few tracks from this on the upcoming July mix.

I’m always a month behind in preaching the news of the latest Musical Alliance PactJune is ready for downloading, the July edition is right around the corner – today possibly? Only 28 artists from 28 different countries this month as several bloggers are on summer holiday. June’s US contribution comes from the much-hyped (and duly so) Oberhofer. Dig the track below! (UPDATE: The July edition is right har)

Oberhofer – I Could Go

Paint me very impressed with the Mondo Salvo music blog. Not only have I enjoyed several of the artists covered thus far and the site layout but there are 2 current compilation/mixtapes up for grabs, 33 and 34.

The Road Goes Ever On, a member of Pitchfork’s heavily scrutinized Altered Zones ‘blog’, presents the Small Summits compilation as a free download. Notables include the opening Blackbird Blackbird track (mmm) and an intriguing cover of Joanna Newsom’s ‘Peach, Plum, Pear’.

A summer mix contribution from one of my new favorite blogs, I Am Fuel, You Are Friends.

Last, but definitely not least for this edition of news, is the Built On A Weak Spot June mix. Haven’t listened yet but those Kitchens Of Distinctions and Spare Snare tracks are top-notch.


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  1. Thanks for the kind words (and new-to-me tips)!

    Paul @ Mondo Salvo

  2. You are quite welcome!

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