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It was my intention at one time to exclusively feature content from artists/labels making their music available for guilt-free downloading. Well one thing has led to another and ultimately I decided this wasn’t my niche. However, that’s not to say I don’t harbor much love for musicians breaking from the mold and exploring this route for exposure. I’ve never been a huge supporter of paying a buck for a suspect-quality mp3 but I will still buy physical releases and go to shows. Artists have been restructuring their ‘business’ plan to find their goals more aligned with the average music listener’s ability to support the cause than ever before. But I digress.

For as much as we’d like to cover every act putting their music up for all to hear, we can’t. The good news is that for the past few years I’ve been accumulating links to free music all over the webz. I’ve been sitting on it for a quite some time hoping I could find more writers to help with the site (leaving me to devote all my time to this) but that hasn’t been the case. I give many thanks to other harbingers of the free revolution like the unstoppable Largehearted Boy, the bottomless Free Music Archive, Daytrotter (my single-most important source for new music in recent years), Bandcamp, the newly-converted Bolachas and all the various netlabels out there like Bad Panda, Ampeater, Beko-DSL and Sound As Language to name a few.

I’ve not heard everything on this list so I’m not particularly endorsing it to the max. Some stuff is awesome, others not so appealing. I cataloged those releases I figured would appeal to myself and BTID readers. Occasionally artists will take the music down and I’ll update links on the list as this comes to my attention. I also intend to continuously update as new links arise so bookmark and check back weekly/monthly.


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