Mini-Beats – August 2010 – Edition 24

Admiral RadleyI Heart California (2010, self-released) ♥♥½
-this is clearly dripping with irony and sarcasm but I think it mostly got lost on me; features Jason Lytle from Grandaddy and Aaron Espinoza from Earlimart
My Heart Belongs To Cecilia WinterOur Love Will Cut Through Everything (2010, Chop) ♥♥♥½
-don’t let the emo-hearkening moniker dissuade you from indulging in the Swiss answer to The Walkmen
The Love LanguageLibraries (2010, Merge) ♥♥♥
-wispy indie-pop with romantic vocals that will please lovers of their debut as well as garner them new fans; give this one a little more time to sink in as its far more laid back and less in-your-face-
Setting SunFantasurreal (2010, Young Love) ♥♥½
-indie-pop that reminded me of Grandaddy and that Marcy Playground album everyone loved back in the 90’s-
LilleTall Shoulders EP (2010, Whale Heart) ♥♥♥
-18yr old wunderkind from Atlanta with ethereal vocals that should please fans of Casey Dienel; sounds range from darker folk (a bit of mandolin and theremin) to trip-hop-
The DrumsThe Drums (2010, Island) ♥♥♥♥
-forget the fact that almost every song here shares the same beat and single-note guitar line – anyone with a heartbeat and a fondness for the 80’s will dance along-
Free EnergyStuck On Nothing (2010, DFA) ♥♥♥♥
-super-fun infectious power-pop straight outta Philly; vanquish yer hipster goggles and jorts and sing along!; RIYL Fountains Of Wayne & Sloan
Blitzen TrapperDestroyer Of The Void (2010, Sub Pop) ♥♥½
-BT have successfully assumed the title of indie rock’s most competent Dylan revivalists though that doesn’t mean anything stands out here-
Best CoastCrazy For You (2010, Mexican Summer) ♥♥♥
-new project from Beth Cosentino (Pocahaunted) that’s been hyped and tagged as ‘beach-fi’; I’m all about the Specter-inspired, girl-group hooks but after the first 3 or so tracks this lost a bit of steam and fell victim to a lack of variety throughout-
Maps & AtlasesPerch Patchwork (2010, Barsuk) ♥♥♥½
-they’ve moved on from twisted, angular and mathematical to summery and whimsical and infectious; see ’em live if ya can, they pound-
Amanda PalmerPerforms The Popular Hits of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukelele EP (2010, 8ft.) ♥♥½
-as its name implies…live and studio versions of Radiohead songs performed (pretty much ad lib) on the ukelele (and piano) by the lead singer of The Dresden Dolls
MisophoneI Sit At Open Windows (2009, Another Record) ♥♥
-lo-fi folk that leans more towards the hushed experimental side of carnival muzak; not nearly as good as it sounds-
VA – The Rough Guide To African Street Party (2008, World Music Network) ♥♥♥½
-my introduction to this sub-genre proved fruitful as these songs yielded danceable (and hummable) street music that oddly had as much in common with Latin beats as it did Afro-beat-
HolleradoRecord In A Bag (2009, self-released) ♥♥♥
-this pretty much defines the broad term ‘pop-rock’ – 4 guys getting together, kickin’ back and writing simple but humorous tunes that will offend no one and impress the occasional Harvey Danger fan-
Fang IslandSky Gardens EP (2008, Corleone) ♥♥♥
-you’ll at least need to grab this for the melodic, tech-jam of ‘Absolute Place’ RIYL The Advantage (sans the 8-bit homage)-
Housman’s AthletesRace To The Finish (2008, B.O.A.T.S.) ♥½
-a hook around every corner but this more or less felt like a punker, um, Nickelback
Beach HouseBeach House (2006, Carpark) ♥♥♥½
-possibly the soundtrack for a ghostly waltz with Victoria’s trademark, not-of-this-world vocals, theremin and subtle piano; not as realized or powerful as their latest but still worth a few spins-

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