Bars Of Gold

A few of my ‘colleagues’ have recently accused me of listening to too much glo-fi and wussy indie-type shit (as they put it). So fine – ladies and gentleman, Bars Of Gold. Sunshine and terrible band names are not on tap with the band’s debut Of Gold. Propulsive Hot Water Music-like guitar action coupled with a MOM-we-want-the-meatloaf variety of electric, yelping energy most associated with Fugazi’s Ian Mackaye will have your hands out of your pockets in no time, searching for something to bang and smash on. The rapid-fire, single-note guitar action in ‘Birds’ had me reaching for my Guitar Hero weapon of choice. There’s a serious Cursive groove going on here too with left-of-center song structures and relentless vocal mania. Effects-laden banjo and skronky keys propel the album’s centerpiece, ‘The Hustle’, into an uncharted league of its own. The band lets up a bit on the slow-burning, ‘Cannibals’,  before jamming the album out to a close.

BoG features Marc Paffi from the departed Bear Vs. Shark and if that outfit had half as much energy as this it might be worth working backwards. There aren’t very many soft edges to rest your head on here so hopefully the skeptical lot of ya will see that BTID is strong like ox and not soft like baby’s ass.

Also of note – congrats to Friction Records, this being their 50th release. Here’s to 50 more! Pick up Of Gold on limited edition vinyl pressed on transparent green or sweeeeeeeeeeeet orange wax.

Bars Of Gold – The Hustle

Bars Of Gold – Birds

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