Sunset Valley

Sunset Valley
Goldbank 78 Stack (2004, Self-released)

Could Sunset Valley be the missing link between say, Queens of the Stone Age and Grandaddy, or more importantly was there even such a void to begin with? Probably not, but regardless Sunset aren’t as overtly derivative as that last blurb might imply. In fact, this Portland, OR quintet don’t particularly strive for any motif, rather their idiosyncrasies present themselves more accidentally than deliberate. ‘Candy Stairs’ and the album’s kick-off title track are slothy enough to give the stoners their jollies, the comparatively swift and assertive ‘Blow Up’ conjures up the vibe of latter-era Urge Overkill, while the lightheaded ‘Deadhorse Waterloo’ is a cosmically classic-rock entity unto itself. As a whole Goldbank 78 Stack resides amidst a post-slacker subtext that has all the makings of a college-dorm staple…and then some.

-Neal Agneta 10/18/05

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