The Dissimilars

The Dissimilars
Landmine 7″ (2005, Plastic Idol)

After the home run that was the Minds 7″, I’m sorry to hear this groundout from Plastic Idol. The Dissimilars offer us tin can-fi punk rock’n’roll that’s loud, snotty, and almost indecipherable (though to their credit they did include a lyric sheet). What’s really disappointing is the fact that there might actually be some decent tunes beneath the crust of snarling, bashing, messy, noise punk rock. ‘Turn Me Loose’ even has a cool riff (though I think it was ripped from the FM Knives). Recommended for fans of the Germs and other punk bands I don’t particularly care for.

mp3: Landmine

-Mark Hughson 11/10/05

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