The Lost Atoms

The Lost Atoms
The Lost Atoms (2005, Self-released)

These guys play punk rock. With their scruffy vocals and catchy but coarse-edged sound they might fit on a bill with Propaghandhi, but lyrically the band explores such time-honored Punk Rock 101 subjects such as girls and girls, bringing to mind the poppy punk groups that permeated D.I.Y. punk compilations in the 1990s. I think the band’s home of operations (DC) has influenced the band’s principles more than the actual music (this ain’t hardcore, kids).

Some of the songs, like “Meghan”, and “Hey OK” are great shout-alongs, and like many of the tracks have bouncy guitar lines that leave you humming even after the song is done. A few others here and there (most prominently “Heat Therapy”) are throat-ripping tunes that remind me of The Disenchanted.

The vox are good but not head and shoulders above the punky melodic growl that’s been heard a hunded times before. The cool guitar action I like quite a bit, mostly because it’s not dumbed-down riffs, and the skater-rock guitar lines are hooky and not wanky. The production quality of the disc is pretty rough but I can almost suspect that that was intentional. In short: It’s been a while since I’ve listened to a band like the Lost Atoms. It has it’s zits, but I’m getting some good nostalgic vibes when I spin it and drift back to my teenage years.

-Mark Hughson 4/3/06

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