The Minds

The Minds
We Got The Pop 7″ (2005, Plastic Idol)

Their Dirtnap debut pushed the pop to the edge, combining the rough hooks of Bobby Brains, the catchy keys of Cera Bella Palsey, and the punkish yelps of The Thinker. (I should also mention the very capable rhythm section comprised of the nimble bassist The Cortex and the snappy drummer Mikey Mind). All the characters are back again, and even though there’s not a lick of production sheen to be found, this is still a delicious release. One isn’t sure if it’s new wave punk or buzz pop (or both), but after a few listens you let go of such trivial matters.

‘We Got The Pop’ delivers on it’s title, a delightful snack of snot bubbles and teeth-shattering candy. Somewhat stylistically and thematically similar to the Misfits and the Epoxies but really the Minds are in a sci-punk test tube of their own. Surprisingly, it’s the flip that has me sold. ‘The Brain That Wouldn’t Die’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Die In My Sleep Tonight’ are an astounding first. Back-to-back tracks, both weird, both about deadly matters, and both are catchy as hell. My wife comments from the next room, “Are you just listening to these two songs over and over?” Indeed I am! Easily the Minds’ best work to date and Plastic Idol’s finest hour (well, finest five minutes that is).

mp3: We Got The Pop

-Mark Hughson 11/1/05

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