The Murdocks

The Murdocks
The Murdocks EP (2004, Surprise Truck Entertainment)

The ‘meh’ feeling I have for the Strokes stands on two valid points: They are kinda punk-with-pop-sensibility, but not really that punk. Also, they are kinda catchy but not that catchy. ‘Death Of A French Whore’, the leadoff track on this EP, is the best song the Strokes never wrote. It’s got a snarl and a bite and throat cutting hooks. Well done.

‘My Scarlet Purpose’ sounds quite similar to one of the slinky blues-garage tunes found on the White Stripes’ ‘White Blood Cells’. That album was #1 on my 2001 top list so, yes, consider it a good thing.

‘Dance The Vomit Snakes’ I like a lot. It’s not derivative of the new school VU/Television wannabe sound. It’s barely mid-tempo, but still bounces along with a super-catchy melody. Franklin Morris has THE perfect gruff-but-in-tune vocals. Hard to pull off but it sounds great when done right. I’ve had these tracks on at least 2 different mix tapes since it came out. Mix tape worthy songs should always be a green light for music lovers.

‘Maidenhead’ is probably an homage to some old school hard rock band I’m not familiar with, but nevertheless it’s an ok closing track. A nice, jagged, fuzzy rock song that reminds you the Murdocks aren’t pushing any boundaries but still can rock your pants off.

-Mark Hughson 8/19/05

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