The Weekend

The Weekend
Teaser + Bonus Level (2003, Teenage USA Recordings)(3.7/5)

The Weekend ‘rawk out’ in that femme-fronted pop-punk kind of way a la Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer or the Muffs. Though they don’t break any new ground, they do bring a healthy dose of sweet harmonies/catchy tunes to the arena. ‘Perfect World’ is just straight up fun. Dig it. Couple that with the band sounding like they’re having a lot of fun on the album and you have a pretty decent record. I can see this getting some serious airplay over in Canada (if it’s not already). I applaud Teenage USA Recordings for releasing some mighty fine stuff lately (Great Lake Swimmers, Two-Minute Miracles, et al). Check them out on their current tour with fellow Canadian popstars, Sloan. Rock.

-Beat 5/10/05

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