Torch EP + 2 (2005, No Karma)

There’s plenty of good things to like about Traindodge. Too many to list? No, not really. Check it out:

1) It’s a release of an obscure, out-of-print EP with, naturally, bonus tracks. I always encourage and will readily endorse such endeavors, especially if the music is good, which this is.

2) If Rites Of Spring were a post-rock band, it would sound like this. Alas, this is 2005, not 1985, and Traindodge are from Oklahoma, not DC. I should point out here that the band is not waving any punk flags (though if they were I’d say they were sewn by the same person who stitched for Texas Is The Reason and Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine). They’ve got an 11 minute song for crying out loud! I should also mention that this is not some light-weight post-rock exercise. These songs have teeth and energy. The guitar lines move with a purpose, building up the wall of sound or deftly dismantling it.

3) If you’re a fan of technical drumming, check out this guy Rob Smith. He rips through “The Raining Room” with some precise double bass drumming, and pulls out some fancy stick work throughout the disc.

Ok, so it’s not a long list, nevertheless, kudos fellas.

mp3: The Raining Room

-Mark Hughson 9-11-05

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