The Twilight Transmission

The Twilight Transmission
The Dance Of Destruction (2005, Revelation)

A wise musicologist (dare I say Joe Carducci?) once opined that innovation doesn’t necessarily equal quality (a concept lost on many a Rolling Stone record critic, but I digress). And with that in mind, one would also be wise to investigate the opposite. The Twilight Transmission won’t exactly have you breaking into a sweat when it comes to genre codification, but are nevertheless worthy of your senses. With angst lovingly intact, this OC quintet propels swampy, heaving riffs veering headfirst into a slow-boiling amalgamation, equal parts new school-informed hardcore and grungy aggro-rock. Like their forbearers, which range from Quicksand, Rage Against the Machine, and even the more recently departed At the Drive-in and Hot Snakes, TTT’s punishing salvos are sturdy and measured, exhibiting just enough restraint to keep Dance of Destruction from waltzing its way off the rails. Some further character development would be wise if not downright necessary on future releases, but this all too brief mini LP makes for a walloping start.

-Neal Agneta 11/22/05

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