Urgent Sea (2005, Pretty Activity)

Some noise can be hostile.

The amazing artist Jenny Holzer wrote a Truism that said: ‘Noise can be hostile’. I agree. Lots of noises are hostile to me: hearing construction work outside of my window, a fire engine’s loud siren blasting through the streets, or even if my car makes a sound that it shouldn’t make. They all contribute to my list of hostility. Sometimes listening to different kinds of music makes me hostile. I am bound to encounter music that just doesn’t suit my musical taste. Sometimes its too mellow, too repetitive, too boring, too generic sounding. Thus, I
become annoyed and hostile, my ADD kicks in, and I usually turn the music off.

So upon listening to Ume’s new album, Urgent Sea, I was full of doubt. I had yet to hear of a band named Ume before. I had no idea what style of music they play. But to my lovely surprise, I really like Urgent Sea. Its raw, full of spunk and take your breath away effort. Ume has haunting and delicate vocals delivered by Lauren and Eric Larson. This trio named Ume makes rock and roll that is fresh and exciting.

The band’s genetic make-up is a little shoegaze, garage rock, noise band and experimental rock, all mixed up into one. Sometimes when I listen to noise bands they sound so disjointed from a regular rhythmic beat that it turns me off. On the contrary, Urgent Sea pulls the free noise into a comprehensive musical synergy. The hard hitting drum beats, solid guitar lines, and of course the vocals place perfectly together.

Urgent Sea isn’t a album with one or two good songs on it. I could choose any song off the album and enjoy listening to it for the rest of the day. There isn’t one filler song on Urgent Sea. The whole album packs a punch of energy to ones ears. I wouldn’t go so far as to say this album pushes any boundaries or changes the history of music in these latter days. Though while we wait for the next band that changes musical history, we have great bands like Ume, who keeps the foundation of rock n’ roll plastered together.

-Ayn 5/17/05

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