Vol. 37 February 2008 (2CD)

Disc One

1. The Formsknowledge in hand
2. Doug Burrcome to my senses
3. Hussaloniathere’s more to that than being poor
4. Immanu Elastral days
5. Dartz!laser eyes
6. Zookeeper i live in the mess you are
7. Lab Partnerstidal wave
8. Steel Traini feel weird
9. Bombadila buzz, a buzz
10. Patrick Watsonslip into your skin
11. The Mysteries Of Lifestop thinking
12. The Dimescatch me jumping
13. Drive-By Truckerstwo daughters and a beautiful wife
14. The Everybodyfieldseverything is okay
15. The Snake The Cross The Crowngypsies melodies
16. Asterattempting to multiply
17. The Nationalmr. november
18. The Swimmershome
19. Malcolm Middletonlove comes in waves


Disc Two

1. Why?good friday
2. Andrew Birdplasticities
3. Blitzen Trappermiss spiritual tramp (daytrotter session)
4. Peter Bjorn and Johnup against the wall
5. Marla Hansenall clear
6. Fionn Reganput a penny in the slot
7. Dartz!harbour
8. The Mountain Goatssax rohmer #1
9. The Acornhold your breath
10. Hussalonianever be famous
11. Patience, Pleasebint
12. Lightspeed Championdry lips
13. Lewis and Clarkesometimes we forget to ask
14. Matt Costamiss magnolia
15. The Mabusesseasider
16. Owena fever analog (daytrotter session)
17. Holler, Wild Rosecolor that sky
18. The Stereotypesthe note we end on

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