Vol. 34 November 2006 (2CD)

Disc One

1. Bunnygruntwe got your money
2. Halloween, Alaska a new stain
3. The Paper Chasewe know where you sleep
4. Say Hi To Your Momthese fangs
5. Beezewaxtake any life
6. Human Television in front of the house
7. The Pale stop/start
8. DeVotchKathe last beat of my heart
9. King Biscuit Timeall over you
10. Bishop Allen queen of the rummage sale
11. Hip Tanaka the sky is smaller than the sea
12. Jason Molinait’s easier now
13. The Sea and Cake showboat angel
14. Broken Family Bandyou’re like a woman
15. Snowdencounterfeit rules
16. Point Juncture, WAchlorine
17. Astronautalisa love song for gary numan
18. John Southworth cute girls gay guys
19. Hidden Cameras lollipop
20. Stars Of Track and Fieldwith you
21. The Gifted Childrenhow to become extinct

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Disc Two

1. Elekibassall the people come let’s get down
2. Elliott Brood oh, alberta
3. Elf Power 23rd dream
4. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals don’t fail me now
5. Hot Snakes u.s. mint
6. Asher can’t get enough
7. Lackthereofabstinent dry sex
8. Broken Family Bandi see how you are
9. Viva Voce business casual
10. Colour Haze tempel
11. The Timeout Drawer the exorcist
12. Jolie Holland mexican blue
13. The Gifted Childrenthe octette bridge club
14. Augie March bottle baby
15. Canastamicrophone song
16. Human Televisioni’m moving on
17. Bikerideamerica’s favorite omelettes
18. The Diggs trouble everyday

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