Vol. 32 December 2005 (2CD)

Disc One

1. Voxtrotthe start of something
2. Doleful Lions destroyers of the west
3. 65daysofstatic65 doesn’t understand you
4. Idaholive today again
5. Goldrushwait for the wheels
6. Matt Costa cold december
7. Lavender Diamond you broke my heart
8. Ninja High Schoolshake it off
9. Blusommidnights & mornings
10. Screeching Weasel i wanna be a homosexual
11. Burn The Airwaveslast plan
12. The Lonelyheartshalo
13. Adam Gnade the winter; their apartment
14. The Legends he knows the sun
15. Aeroplane Pagaent kind as killers
16. Keith John Adamsnever look down
17. Captain Mike & The Totemsbugs
18. Maritime german engineering
19. Paradeyune
20. Jens Lekmanrun away with me
21. This Is Your Captain Speaking6pm


Disc Two

1. The Black Watchinnercity garden
2. Matt Pond PAso much trouble
3. Moonbabies the orange billboard (first take)
4. Maggi, Pierce and E.J. michael
5. The Clientelemy own face inside the trees
6. Arab Strap there is no ending
7. Bottom Of The Hudsonholiday machine
8. Vidavoxsumo
9. The Red Robottrans-anything
10. Rocky Votolato uppers aren’t necessary
11. The Len Price 3the last hotel
12. Sam Skarstad cold water
13. Petracovichpaper cup
14. Matt Costasunshine
15. Bluebottle Kiss chained to the wall
16. 31knotsintuition imperfected
17. The Argument sorry in advance
18. Straylight Run later that year
19. Testfacehold on merry-go-round
20. Idaho cactus man rides again

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