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A Requiem For Apogee – falling in and out of sleep (CDBaby)
Action Items – changed my life
Action Items – self-hate workshop
Adam Cole & The Pollen Choir – red sky morning
AKA The Hots – touchy EP
Alphamales – morally casual EP
Amp 45 – this is a sign of the times
Ari Vais – winter wonderland*
Audubon Park – teenage horses (LMNOP)
Babies Three – a hole where my heart should be
Bedsit Poets – rendezvous
Bellhouse – evolution of tha lemon
Billion Dollar Mission – good intentions
Block Watch Captain – the golden stations
Boxwood – the secret life of rocks (BTO)
Bushpilots, The – sonic scenery (CDBaby)
Calibos – and the days we spent go on and on
Candyland Riots – queen of the rioting scene
Carltonfisk – salt
Cotterill, Neil – moonshot (BTO)
Creatures Of Habit – schizophrenic sandwich
Dead Pan Rangers – not much less further than last time (CDBaby)
Degoleg – town without kitty
Devotchka – triple x tango
Dimes, The – new england
Dipstick & Eggnog – the slogo training disc pt. 1
Dirty Sleeves, The – windy music for the cradle and the tree (CDBaby)
Electric Engine – music building
Eliza Blue – screen doors & back doors (CDBaby)
Everything, Now! – bible universe
Five Dollar Day – keep your elbows sharp
Flexible Flyers – church of dreams (CDBaby)
Four Color Manual – guardian for a year
Fout, Thomas – fouttakes volume 1 (CDBaby)
Friends Of Lizzy – the answer (CDBaby)
Full Court Pressure – love’s labors lost and found
Furniture Huschle – lamp for sale*
Furniture Huschle – music for rakes*
Furniture Huschle – lemon zest*
Furniture Huschle – not without my daughter*
Furniture Huschle – phantom limb newsletter*
Furniture Huschle – her parents were there*
Furniture Huschle – i built a woman*
Furniture Huschle – easy glider*
Furniture Huschle – live at the press restaurant*
Gallegos, Chris – lemon songs
Grayling – s/t
Green Chair/Kid Icarus – split EP
Grites, Jeremy – the longest sunset
Hadleys, The – extreme pleasure (CDBaby)
Halbrook, Shannon – benedict arnold
Half Acre Day – here is something fun for you to do, color this picture
Hofman – keep your receipts and deny everything
Hofman – ladies on the way
Hotel Alexis – holy brother of the mountain sun
Ikey Mo – beginners guide to self-defense
Inevitable Breakups, The – no wonder you’re so beautiful EP
Josh Seib & Satellite 66 – it seems like
Kahoots – make waves (CDBaby)
Kahoots – red light
Kid Sniper – landlocked
Knotworking – self-titled (CDBaby)
Late Hour, The – choose your adventure (CDBaby)
Lemon Fresh Kids – reason to believe (CDBaby)
Len Brown Society – pioneer day
Little Headhunter – s/t
Love – on earth must die EP
Low Fire – the second shortcoming
McGowan – s/t (CDBaby)
Mere Surmise – all quiet (CDBaby)
Miss Teen Idaho – sympathy for brian jones
Mitchells, The – meet the mitchells
Modern Income – it’s rewinding EP
Mondo – before the fall (CDBaby)
Moore, Chris – joy and abandon
Morals Galore – the spiritous getaway of captain mantell
My Zuko – four songs (CDBaby)
Nautilus – blueprint (CDBaby)
Neon Thrills – sweet cactus
Oval-Teen – yorkville, il 1994-2001 (2CD)
Paper Jets – we tried but we couldn’t get it off the ground
Parlour Steps – the great perhaps (CDBaby)
Pentecost Hotel – friends and fighters (CDBaby)
Permanent Daylight – the broken heart of england (CDBaby)
Plastic Bird – swim
Pleasant Pictures – s/t (CDBaby)
Ply – somewhere beyond farewell
Preservatives, The – eight songs
Propeller – the art of clear thinking
Ran Away To Sea – self-titled*
Ray Brandes – the rise and fall of…
Redecco – falling at various speeds (CDBaby)
Rhode Island – easy keys
Richard, Gaven – wayward puritan
Russell, Rich – songs for california (CDBaby)
Saeta – burn
Santa Carla – earworms EP (CDBaby)
Searching For Luke – lock inside a key (CDBaby)
Sex With Girls Is Rad – what we lack in skill, we make up for in enthusiasm
Sinkcharmer – the old man doesn’t like it
Sinkcharmer – master of puppies
Small Bears – suburban sing along
Sound Of Birds – emerald EP (CDBaby)
Squish – still so sweet
Straphanger – the grain belt
Stretching Regular – s/t (CDBaby)
St. Mary’s – do you find me wicked?
Sunshine Boy – over under sideways down*
Super Magnificent Action Trio – cuddle-core*
Swissfarlo – boxed
Tangelo – year of saturdays (CDBaby)
Travels The World – i can’t ask you to break my heart anymore
Tundra Survey, The – cracked radiator, bum transmission
Ultramagg – summer’s not over EP
Umbrella Minds – carnival (CDBaby)
U.S. Rail – who am i today?
VA – 50,000,000 Elves Fans Can’t Be Wrong – Transatlantic Pop Christmas (CDBaby)
VA – A Guide To The Underground (NSN Records)
VA – Emotion Sickness
VA – Enhance The Smokey (2CD)*
VA – Into The Jet Stream Of Pop (BTO)
VA – Kitra Vol. 3
VA – Musicians With Day Jobs
VA – Pop Greetings Vol. 4
VA – Shite ‘N Onions
VA – The Ladder Failed (Lazyline Records)
VA – Who Cares – A Tribute To The Who
Valender – the giant slingshot
Walkup, The – these walls have ears (CDBaby)
Wally Pear – green is starboard EP
Wasted Lonelys – wasted lonely cathedral (CDBaby)
Woozyhelmet – self-titled*
Wowz – nicotine bubblegum EP
Xavier Pelleuf – the slow fade of silver*
Yoni Gordon & The Goods – don’t you have something better to do with yourself? (CDBaby)

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