Vol. 38 May 2008

1. Jay Reatardalways wanting more
2. Cloud Cultno one said it would be easy
3. Devotchkaalong the way
4. Two Gallantssteady rollin’
5. Vampire Weekendm79
6. Adam Arcuragibroken throat
7. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin dead right
8. The Helio Sequence lately
9. You Were Always honey’s got a temper
10. The Glad Version sailors in the harbor
11. Jamie Lidell another day
12. Other Menfalse positives
13. Beirutpostcards from italy
14. Cars Can be Bluedoctor
15. The Fast Computerssweden hasn’t changed, you have
16. The Ghost Is Dancing the darkest spark
17. South San Gabriel & Centro-maticfrom this i will awake
18. Dr. Dogmy old ways
19. And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Deadgoldheart mountaintop queen directory
20. Bon Iverthe wolves (act i & ii)

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4 Responses to Vol. 38 May 2008

  1. Hi Suva,this sounds very nice.i have one qtsiueon. are there any rules of how much music a artist should release per year? i think you know what i mean would be great to be a part of this idea but i don`t think that my stuff is good enough but that`s something you have to say.greetskasmo

  2. Heck of a job there, it aboelutsly helps me out.

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