Vol. 40 November 2008 (2CD)

Disc One

1. Dogssoldier on
2. Fujiya & Miyagiankle injuries
3. Jay Reatardsee/saw
4. A.A. Bondywitness blues
5. Teitur catherine the waitress
6. Secret Shinevoice of the sea
7. Elvis Perkins while you were sleeping
8. Astronautalis the story of my life
9. The Beatings brighter than bright
10. Le Loup le loup (fear not)
11. William Elliott Whitmore that train that carried away my baby
12. Fernandofade out
13. Wintersleepthe kids are ultra-violent
14. Joseph Arthur and The Lonely Astronautstemporary people
15. Phosphorescenta death, a proclamation
16. Oh No! Oh My! wham bam thank you spaceman
17. Elijah Wyman3rd song of the architect
18. William Fitzsimmons after afterall
19. Tom Waits long way home


Disc Two

1. The Shaky Handssettle on
2. The Spinto Bandsummer grof
3. Jim Noirhappy day today
4. Beirutelephant gun
5. Blitzen Trapper furr
6. Soleplutonium
7. Bowerbirds in our talons
8. The Watzloves you are the reason that our kids are so ugly
9. Jay Reatard an ugly death
10. Okkervil River lost coastlines
11. David Karsten Daniels epilogue
12. Alela Dianeoh! my mama
13. Tilly and The Wallchandelier lake
14. Art In Manilathe sweat descends
15. Blind Corn Liquor Pickerssittin’ on top of the world
16. Sea Wolf ses monuments
17. Oh No! Oh My!i have no sister
18. Tokyo Police Clubnature of the experiment
19. Annuals ida, my
20. Mogwaiscotland’s shame

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