Name: Matthew (The Beat)

Age: 32

Location: Philadelphia

Where I’ve Been: Shenandoah, PA – Harrisburg, PA – Phoenix, AZ – Columbia, South Kakolaki – Misawa, Aomori, Japan – Philadelphia, PA

Marital Status: Married to the beautiful Lady Music.

Future: Death

Fun Facts: Wholeheartedly endorses ‘mom’ jokes.



Name: Eric (The Bastard)

Age: 21

Location: New York

Where I’ve Been: Grew up here in New York, but I’ve lived in North and South Carolina. I’ve spent time in Texas, California, Michigan and Delaware.

Marital Status: Married to this lovely lady, kids in foreseeable future (1-3 years)

Future: My wife Sasha and I are in the process of acquiring a 6-acre plot of land to build a home not unlike this one. We’re in the preliminary stages of starting a religious tolerance center and sustainable intentional community in Addison, NY.

Fun Facts: I haven’t cut my hair for a year and a half. I read way to many webcomics on a daily basis. I think beards are sophisticated. I have a penchant for philosophical and political debate, but it usually ends with my calling the other person retarded. I can drink my own bodyweight in espresso. Also, I think that Ben Gibbard is the bastard child of Colin Meloy and Morrisey.