BTID Presents: Let’s Work On Our Color Together

1. The Slats – automobile
2. Guided By Voices – motor away
3. Vampire Weekend – cape cod kwassa kwassa
4. Fountains Of Wayne – radiation vibe
5. Velvet Underground – who loves the sun
6. Os Mutantes – a minha menina
7. Jonathan Boulet – a community service announcement
8. Devotchka – we’re leaving
9. Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer – jersey shore (Promise Ring cover)
10. James Brown – get up offa that thing
11. Colin Clary & The Magogs – moped rally
12. Paul Simon – crazy love, vol. ii
13. The Flaming Lips – this here giraffe
14. Ella Fitzgerald – shoo-fly pie and apple pan dowdy
15. Butterscott – dubblbubbldandylionluv
16. Miniature Tigers – dino damage
17. Rainer Maria – atlantic
18. Minus The Bear – absinthe party at the fly honey warehouse
19. Lemon Jelly – the staunton lick
20. Cloud Cult – washed your car
21. Love – bummer in the summer
22. The Whites – keep on the sunny side

Download all the sunshine in one zip file here.


Many thanks to Yewknee for the motivation to compile this summery cocktail. He has once again called upon mixtape connoisseurs everywhere to participate in the Summer Mix Series. Creatively themed mixes are appreciated but thankfully not required. I really needed to compile 80 minutes of summer sounds for a few upcoming road trips. Take a gander at some of the hot shit mixes already submitted. Awesome.

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