Mark Reaffirms and Rearranges Your 2010 – Pt. 3

29. Egghead.Would Like A Few Words With You : Nerdy pop punk trio that last reared it’s head in the late 90s comes out of the Left Field Time Machine to bring back the geek rock. What I like best about this album (aside from perhaps the uncanny recapturing of that classic Egghead. sound) is that this album isn’t one of those “fun for the kids!/dance party!/yay rock!” albums that walk a fine line between shit and schtick. It’s made by and for the people who were in college when the original Egghead releases were floating about. We’re older, wiser, and now bopping along to “My Daughter Can Fuck Up Your Daughter,” “Stuck Inside A Stuckey’s (With Leonard From The Dickies)” and possibly my favorite “What The Hell Is She Thinking?” (Knock Knock)

28. Be My DoppelgangerNo Composure : Melodic midwest punk! Despite presenting my picks in mix form, really this whole album deserves to be heard. The scope doesn’t quite come across in a single song. Throughout the LP they do a great job blending rock’n’roll with their happy punk and beardo pop. Very good and very seamless. (It’s Alive)

27. Tender TrapDansette, Dansette : I’ll recommend anything Amelia Fletcher touches. With Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research, and Tender Trap under her belt she’s gone an impressive 4-for-4. Fans of hers will not be disappointed. (Fortuna Pop!)

26. Magic KidsMemphis :
Another cool album that dabbles in a wide variety of indie pop styles. Sometimes it reminds me of the late great Holiday. I think they alllmost push their own limits to the breaking point, but much respect to them for daring to burst the modern bubblegum pop bubble. (True Panther)

25. Nick Curran & The LowlifesReform School Girl : Great authentic garage rock that sounds like it came straight from the vaults. The title track is destined to be on a Nuggets comp 30 years from now, but there’s plenty of other gems and some raw blues to boot. (Eclecto Groove)

24. New PornographersTogether : A no-brainer. I’ve listened to this band so much over the past decade they’ve become one of those “comfort” bands whose sound just makes me feel great. Put that together with the fact this is much better than their last album, and you’ve got a spot on my list. (Matador)

23. Hamid Drake & Bindu – Reggaeology :
Reggae fused with jazz and beat poetry and all that intellectual noise. Reggae has such a distinct and predictable groove that normally one can just “chill” with it, but this album demands your attention. I love it when standards are revisited and revitalized. (Rogue Art)

22. The ChallengedLoaded Language : If I remember correctly the subject of one of my early kicks in the pants! For those 90s skate punk fans that are sad about the music having been diluted and then finally drowned in the ocean of malls and the Warped Tour. (Rally)

21. HarlemHippies :
Maybe it’s got a few more songs than necessary, but at the same time I thought they came up with enough good ideas to justify. The strongest string of songs is sandwiched right in the middle, so unless you’re paying attention the good stuff kinda hides on you. (Matador)

Give a listen to some of 29-21 here:

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