Sky Signal (2005, Polyvinyl)(3.9/5)

Audible was first brought to my attention by way of the Audible/Swivel Chairs split album. Jeremy Grites (Dagger zine contributor) is a member of Swivel Chairs and I respect his opinion so decided to check his work out. Turns out Audible stole the show on that record.

Audible’s new release Sky Signal pilots the same territory as the above-mentioned EP. They play a sugary sweet brand of indie-pop much akin to Pinback or Mendoza Line. Simple acoustic-driven, fuzzy electro-guitar-accentuated pop tunes with great vocal harmonies that never reach above 5 on the volume modulator. A few ex-members of Matt Pond PA lay claim to membership in the band and that is evident on the album, beginning immediately with the opening strums of the first track ‘October Song’. The album’s namesake follows with a tuneful head-bobbin’ dream-pop splurge. Other highlights include a beefier remake of ‘Sound Makes A Circle’, my favorite tune on the split with Swivel Chairs.

Polyvinyl has consistently done well with this brand of safe indie-pop lasagne. This is fine by me as its nice sometimes take a break from all the arty indie rock passing through my headphones lately.

-Beat 4/14/05

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