B.C Camplight

B.C Camplight
Hide, Run Away (2005, One Little Indian)

There’s been nothing short of a singer-songwriter pop renaissance in recent years, and B.C. Camplight’s prime-mover Brian Christinzio is poised to be an on-deck contender. Siphoning just as much from Pet Sounds as well as currently in-demand kingpins like A.C. Newman and Ben Gibbard, Christinzio embellishes his piano-centric pop with a variety of Casio laden flourishes and gentle plumes of trumpet and cello. ‘Parapsaleejo’ and the startlingly robust title track elicit the same visceral reactions that pop-sophisticates Heavy Blinkers and Papas Fritas so often arouse. Relax – Hide, Run Away isn’t one of those intimidating, self-indulgent affairs, rather the stuff of a dazzling, budding genius who’s finest work is hopefully well ahead of him.

-Neal Agneta 9/21/05

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