The Come Arounds

The Come Arounds
What Goes Around (2005, Blossom World)

Surfer tunes are the cockroach of the music world. Sure, the Beach Boys made California and Hawaii the surf capitals of the world in the early 60s, but years later the Trade Winds from Long Island supplied us with the semi-hit ‘New York’s A Lonely Town’ and decades later Ruth’s Hat from Michigan penned the memorable ‘Great Lakes Surfer’. This trio from Massachusetts of all places dipped their toes in the water as well, and continues to wave the flag of light surf pop.

I guess in some respect every artist of the genre owes some gratitude to Brian Wilson. The music here, however, doesn’t seem to trace that line (with few exceptions: The multi-layered harmonies on ‘Not In Love’, the “ba-doo-bop-bop” of ‘Swinger’ brings to mind the Beach Boys’ ‘Surfin”). For the most part though, the album reminds me of less legendary bands (but otherwise genuine surf-pop hit-makers) like the aforementioned Trade Winds, the Fantastic Baggys, or the Marketts.

I doubt the band have their heights set any higher in the modern oldies/surf scene. These guys (and gal) are obviously focused on the simple pleasure in rock: having fun, playing in a band for friends and family, and keeping the sound alive. It’s this good-natured and loose attitude that comes through with each performance that gives the Come Arounds character. If you want to impress your music professor by all means put on Pet Sounds, but if you are throwing a BBQ party, reach for this disc.

-Mark Hughson 9/24/05

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