Vol. 58 – July 2010 (2CD)

Artwork/collage by Jeff Susczynski of The Gifted Children

Disc One

1. Tame Impalalucidity
(taken from their 2010 release Innerspeaker)
2. The Wiggly Tendrilsbeat the indie drum theme song
(recorded upon BTID request!)
3. Best Coast boyfriend
(taken from her 2010 release Crazy For You)
4. Kid Cudi, Best Coast and Rotsam Batmanglij all summer
(officially unreleased)
5. ARMS ooh la la
(officially unreleased)
6. Tennis south carolina
(taken from their 2010 release South Carolina 7″)
7. Colourmusic yes!
(taken from their 2008 release F, Monday, Orange, February, Venus, Lunatic, 1 or 13)
8. Monster Eiffel Tower separate and run
(taken from their 2009 release Land Lines EP)
9. Kid Canaveral good morning
(taken from their 2010 release Shouting At Wildlife)
10. Rich Aucoin 10,342 cuts for the u.s.
(taken from his 2008 release Personal Publication)
11. Caitlin Rose answer in one of these bottles (daytrotter)
(taken from her 2010 Daytrotter Session)
12. Breakthrough Frequencies dying together isn’t going to solve anything
(taken from their 2010 release The Broadcast Begins EP)
13. Janelle Monáewondaland
(taken from her 2010 release The ArchAndroid)
14. Listeneryou were a house on fire
(taken from their 2010 release Wooden Heart)
15. Jeremy Messersmith john the determinist
(taken from his 2010 release The Reluctant Graveyard)
16. El Sueno De La Casa Propia voluntad de oro
(taken from his 2010 release Historial de Caídas)
17. Weed Diamond mint in my mouth
(taken from their 2010 release Carry On)
18. The Clientelejerry
(taken from their 2010 release Minotaur EP)
19. Run On Sentenceout in the woods
(taken from his 2010 release You The Darkness and Me)
20. Dinosaur Bonesn.y.e.
(taken from their 2008 release Dinosaur Bones EP)
21. Mersault crank resolutions
(taken from their 2010 release All Creatures Will Make Merry)
22. Sunsquintsmachu picchu
(officially unreleased)


Disc Two

1. Beach Fossilsdaydream
(taken from their 2010 release Beach Fossils)
2. Medications long day
(taken from their 2010 release Completely Removed)
3. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion money rock ‘n’ roll
(taken from his 2010 release Dirty Shirt Rock ‘N Roll: The First Ten Years)
4. Listenerwooden heart
(taken from their 2010 release Wooden Heart)
5. The Books the story of hip-hop
(taken from their 2010 release The Way Out)
6. Lilletall shoulders
(taken from her 2010 release Tall Shoulders EP)
7. Woven Tales god helmet
(taken from the 2010 compilation BEKO-DSL CS-01)
8. Weekend end times
(taken from their 2010 split 7″ release with Young Prisms)
9. Chief Black Cloud wet season
(taken from their 2010 BEKO Digital Single Series release)
10. Free Energy free energy
(taken from their 2010 release Stuck On Nothing)
11. Eux Autres you’re alight
(taken from their 2009 release You’re Alight 7″)
12. Tennismarathon
(officially unreleased)
13. Ghost Animal summertime in heaven
(taken from their 2010 cassette release Summertime In Heaven)
14. Golden Ages it doesn’t mean shit
(taken from their 2010 release Africa EP)
15. Jeremy Messersmithviolet!
(taken from his 2010 release The Reluctant Graveyard)
16. Sun Airway put the days away
(taken from his 2009 release Oh, Naoko EP)
17. Cotton Jonesglorylight and christie
(taken from his 2010 release Tall Hours In The Glowstream)
18. Lookbook the only ones (daytrotter)
(taken from their 2010 Daytrotter Session)
19. Housesendless spring
(taken from their 2010 release All Night)
20. Frankie Rose and The Outslittle brown haired girls
(taken from their 2010 release Frankie Rose and The Outs)
21. Valley Makerthe first
(taken from their 2010 release Valley Maker)
22. Maquiladoraritual of hearts
(taken from their 2002 release Ritual Of Hearts)

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