Ever We Fall

Ever We Fall
Endura EP (2004, Rise)

Reminds me of Jimmy Eat World, Elliott, Taking Back Sunday, Mineral, Amity, Finch, Hum, Hopesfall. Beneath the shell of commercial modern emo production and vocals you’ll find a depth of melody and harmony that is more in tune with 90s indie rock emo like Elliott and Mineral than the simplistic power-pop of most Taking Back Sunday-influenced bands. A lot of parts are based around simple catchy rhythmmic riffs, while the second guitar layers an interlocking melody over the top, and there’s a lot of dense harmonic chords that remind me a little of Hum. Although they might seem similar on the surface, to my ears this band is the antithesis of the formulaic commercial drivel of Saosin, but I doubt anyone else would see it my way. Unfortunately this EP is pretty much destined to be judged on it’s most superficial elements. Those who like most pop-punky emo will like it, those who don’t won’t. If you do happen to like this EP though, I highly recommend the EP Amor Vincit Omnia by Amity.

-Liam Seery 6/1/05

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