The Flaming Tsunamis

The Flaming Tsunamis
Zombies Vs. Robots EP (2004, Kill Normal)

Wow. Sometimes you just have to be in awe of a brilliant idea. Not only do these guys peg down the indie world’s ever-growing fascination with zombies (and robots, natch), they also simultaneously lob every hardcore punk cliché in the book into the arena, creating an ingenious juxtaposition of punk rock and the undead. Suddenly, songs like ‘Refuse To Die’ take on a new meaning, and lyrics like “I can’t get my health back / I want my old life back” twist your mind in a new direction.

But wait, there’s more. Not only does the band play excellent hardcore (you know the kind I mean, with lots of rhythm shifts, powerful riff chugs, gang vocals at just the right time) they also, get this, put new school swing music into the mix. Tiny traces of punk-ska upstroking appear as well, but it’s the blaring horns and bouncy rhythm section that pounce on the spotlight. Halfway through ‘Cancer Swing’ the sunglasses-at-night-cool bass takes over and the guitar morphs from brutal hardcore axe to neo-lounge six-string.

The title track offers the listeners a succinct explanation of the EP’s concept, telling the story of Zombies fighting Robots in acoustic hardcore fashion. For lack of a better comparison, it sounds like Against Me! or Rumbeseat (if those bands had a sense of humor). ‘Opus’ offers more youth-crew-esque slogans like ‘take back your life as your own!‘ and this time a swinging keyboard jumps in the middle of the mosh pit. This is easily one of the most entertaining releases I’ve heard this year.

-Mark Hughson 9/6/05

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