Lux Courageous

Lux Courageous
Reasons That Keep The Ground Near (2005, Triple Crown)

It’s a safe prediction that initial listens to Reasons That Keep the Ground Near are likely to conjure up knee-jerk comparisons to Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids, and for those who have their ears a little closer to the ground, The Straylight Run. If that’s all the tri-state area’s Lux Courageous had to offer I might as well put the kibosh on this review right here, but fortunately for them and you dear reader, I’m going to flesh out this paragraph more extensively. Besides how just plain gratifying the majority of this album is, it’s a real scarcity these days to find a band like Lux Courageous who bypass so many of the pedantic pitfalls of literally hundreds of their contemporaries. There is inarguably that oft-fabled ’emo’ subtext here, but Lux largely de-emphasize much of that forlorn babble in lieu of soaring harmonies and a heightened songwriting aptitude, which in tandem make Reasons the keeper that it is.

-Neal Agneta 9/21/05

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