mc chris

MC Chris
Eating’s Not Cheating (2004, Self-released)

Right from the opening Alan Alda sample, you know this is not your typical hip-hop record. Then the opening lines of ‘MC Chris Ownz’ tell you that MC Chris is not your typical rapper. A self-described short, white, nerd, MC Chris (part of the creative force behind many of the shows on Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” lineup – as a producer and a voice talent), the voice of “MC Pee Pants” on one of the most memorable episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force to date, sounds at first like a 12 year-old child rapper. Not only that, but he tends to stick to mostly childish subject matter, such as robot dogs, smoking weed (or anything green, actually), and meeting chicks on friendster. What is ironic, is that these seemingly shallow subjects are underlayed with some of the freshest, tightest, most complex drum + bass and old school hip hop beats I have ever heard. And furthermore, MC Chris has some major skill when it comes to his flow and delivery. His rhymes are tight, yo. He is quick to make fun of himself (something definately lacking from the current hip-hop mainstream), while taking himself completely too seriously at the same time. Too quickly dismissing this record as a kitschy gimmick would be to deny it’s true genious. There is some really cool stuff at work here, and best of all, it’s FUNNY! The next time you’re in the mood for some hip-hop, do yourself a favor and give MC Chris a try. It’s sure to be a big hit at your next dance party! Next saturday night at the Maxx, right Kelly??

RIYL: Ugly Duckling, Beastie Boys, etc.

-Stephen Smith 6/29/05

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