Questions Will Be Asked… And Destroyed By Answers (2005, Formula Seven)

If Mike Doughty of Soul Coughing ever needs a voice-double, look no further than this release. Dan’s half-knuckle-draggin’ speak-sing style on “Wallflower” is dead-on Doughty, but instead of carb-free jazz the New Jersey duo concocts a rather captive, meticulous brand of electro-pop/rock. Simple but effective guitar riffs gallop along the tracks, while 80s bubblegum synth lines gleefully scurry in and out. All the while the dancehall beat thumps on – if the subject matter weren’t so moody it’d be downright aerobic.

“No One Thought He Was Lonely Until They Found Him Dangling From A Ceiling Fan” has an itch of the glitch, but nonetheless stays steady throughout. I was hoping for a little more of the story that the title alludes to, but instead it’s just a neat instro – the bloops anmd beeps don’t divulge.

Overall, a unique little EP that hangs on the fringes of a variety of goth/pop sub-genres; I can’t deny it’s not for everyone while at the same time I’ll concede the sound is growing on me. My only caveat is that Dan doesn’t always stick to his awesome baritone, not only is it distinct, but his venture in the higher range leave a tad to be desired. Looking forward to more from Mitsuko.

-Mark Hughson 2/1/06

(Ed: awesome album title!)

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