Mobius Band

Mobius Band
The Loving Sounds Of Static (2005, Ghostly International)

For their first full length LP, The Mobius Band offer up 10 songs of textured, half loose/half tight post-punk. While the sound that Mobius plays to could easily be thrown into Interpol territory, they gracefully escape this by throwing elements of electronics and noise into songs, weaving in and out (notably the electronic percussion throughout the album). Instead of throwing their noisy guitars to the forefront of the sound, Mobius puts the percussion first, almost forcing the listener to take notice, and the almost monotone vocals sit nicely on the surface of it all. Elements of several post-punk bands come to mind (notably Kitchens of Distinctions and Disintegration era Cure) but Mobius textures their sound, giving it a splendid originality all its own. ‘While in Coup’ is truly a song that displays all of the bands qualities, from their perfectly textured percussion to their sheering metallic guitars, that simply graze around the edges of the sound.

While on first listen, this album could easily be written off as nothing more than a sound that derives from contemporaries like Interpol or Broken Social Scene, repeated listens reveal something far more complex, being superior to the almost one sided sound of Interpol, and certainly placing them on par with the brilliant Broken Social Scene.

-Kenny H. 7/29/05

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