{MIXTAPE} July 2011


Original artwork by Stephen Smith (stop by his first art show if you’re in the Roanoke area 7/22!)

Can you guys believe this is the 70th(!!) edition of the monthly mix here on BTID? To give you an idea of how long I’ve been doing this – a snapshot of the website after posting Vol. 14 & Vol. 33 & Vol. 43 (back when I was more of a ‘true blogger’). 8 years and counting! The first 18 mixes were actually hand-assembled, burned and mailed out to several of my closest musical allies!

This month marks a somewhat special occasion – I have begun mixing the old with the new, as evidenced by the inclusion of classics like Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Nick Lowe, etc. You’ll also see a hint of broadening ‘genre support’ (Apemen, The Ify Jerry Krusade, Oscar & Martin i.e.). In the beginning of the year I made a commitment to, not only sift through new releases, but relive classic albums as well as branch out into unexplored territories musically. I’m finding the majority of music blogs/websites have become a bit too narrow in their scope (intentionally or not) and I’d like to try and break free from that mold.

But really, thanks to all of you who have taken my opinions and advice to heart over the years. For as much as I love the music I feature – I’ve always had my loyal readers in mind when setting the imaginary deadlines that go along with posting these mixes. Enjoy and please do spread the word!

Disc One

1. Say Hi To Your Momnorthwestern girls
(taken from his 2008 release The Wishes and The Glitch)
2. The Wiggly Tendrilsbeat the indie drum theme song
(recorded upon BTID request!)
3. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah same mistake
(taken from their 2011 release Hysterical)
4. Joasihno von
(taken from their 2011 release We Say: ‘Oh Well’)
5. Nick Lowe american squirm
(taken from his 1979 release Labour Of Lust)
6. Yo La Tengo damage
(taken from their 1997 release I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One)
7. Wooden Shjips lazy bones
(taken from their 2011 release West)
8. Computer Magic electronic fences
(taken from their 2011 release Electronic Fences EP)
9. Hunx and His Punx keep away from johnny
(taken from their 2011 release Too Young To Love)
10. The Ify Jerry Krusade nwantinti/die die
(taken from the 2010 compilation The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia in 1970’s Nigeria)
11. Oscar & Martin chaine maile
(taken from their 2011 release For You)
12. Sonic Youth skip tracer
(taken from their 1995 release Washing Machine)
13. Male Bondingbones
(taken from their 2011 release Endless Now)
14. Sebastian Dangerfieldyou played your part, singer!
(taken from his 2011 release The Sound Of The Old Machines EP)
15. Lost Boy hemorrhages 1 & 2 / df’s mansion
(released as a digital single only)
16. Throwing Muses not too soon
(taken from their 1991 release The Real Ramona)
17. Dan Mangan oh fortune
(taken from his 2011 release Oh Fortune)
18. The Longwalls king of country
(taken from their 2011 release Careers In Science)
19. Ringo DeathStarr so high
(taken from their 2011 release Colour Trip)
20. Blood Diamondsgrins
(released as a digital single only)
21. Kid Icarusfigure b
(taken from their 2011 release American Ghosts)
21. Esmerinea dog river
(taken from their 2011 release La Lechuza)
22. The Deloreansintermission: thanks, y’all!
(taken from their 2011 release American Craze)

Download Zip File 133MB

Disc Two

1. Sluteveri can dream the rest away
(taken from their 2011 7″ release Pretend To Be Nice)
2. Jeff The Brotherhood bummer
(taken from their 2011 release We Are The Champions)
3. Saganism the information
(taken from his 2011 release Ode To Voyager)
4. Germany Germanytoo fast
(taken from their 2011 release Adventures)
5. The Apemen apes of spades
(taken from their 1993 release Surf’s Up)
6. Empress Hotelmach bach
(taken from their 2011 release Empress Hotel EP)
7. Paul Simon so beautiful or so what
(taken from his 2011 release So Beautiful Or So What)
8. Lily Of The Valley balloon
(taken from their 2011 release Aquatree)
9. Dreamers Of The Ghetto tether
(taken from their 2011 release Dreamers Of The Ghetto)
10. Young Buffalo catapilah (demo)
(taken from their 2011 release Young von Prettylips)
11. Flamin’ Groovies please please girl
(taken from their 1976 release Shake Some Action)
12. Say Hi To Your Momback before we were brittle
(taken from his 2008 release The Wishes and The Glitch)
13. The ACB’s be professional
(taken from their 2011 release Stona Rosa)
14. Centro-matic all the talkers
(taken from their 2011 release Candidate Waltz)
15. Fredstereoscope
(taken from their 2011 release Leaving My Empire)
16. Epic45 summer message
(taken from their 2011 release Weathering)
17. The Deloreansnon
(taken from their 2011 release American Craze)
18. Shop Assistants fixed grin
(taken from their 1986 release Shop Assistants)
19. Big Spider’s Backblack chow
(taken from his 2011 release Memory Man)
20. Frederik Teigeyou always tried to pull us down
(taken from his 2011 release Body God)
21. Suunsarena
(taken from their 2011 release Zeroes QC)
22. Le Daysi’ve got a masterplan, playing in my mind
(taken from their 2011 release Dead People On Tape)

Download Zip File 149MB

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Special Monday Morning Tape – #110


Wooden Shjipslazy bones
(taken from their 2011 release West)
Young Buffaloonly we can keep you from harm
(taken from their 2011 release Young Von Prettylips)
The Crooked Fiddle Bandcountess bathory’s finishing school for girls
(taken from their 2011 release Overgrown Tales)
Old 97’sbrown haired daughter
(taken from their 2011 release The Grand Theater Vol. 2)
My Brightest Diamondreaching through to the other side
(taken from their 2011 release All Things Will Unwind)
Fruit Batstangie and ray
(taken from their 2011 release Tripper)
Luke Templeophelia
(taken from his 2011 release Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care)
Mates Of Statemaracas
(taken from their 2011 release Mountaintops)
Early & Oftenno fiction
(taken from their 2011 release Present No Fiction, Fear No Tense EP)
Ivydistant lights
(taken from their 2011 release All Hours)
The War On Drugscome to the city
(taken from their 2011 release Slave Ambient)
The Japanese War Effortsummer sun skateboard
(taken from their 2011 release Surrender To Summer)

Little ScreamThe Lamb

Danger BeachApache

The War On DrugsBaby Missiles

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Mini-Beats – July 2011 – Edition 46

WarpaintThe Fool (2010, Rough Trade) ♥♥♥
:seems like YEARS ago that bloggers were hard pimpin’ these ladies as ‘the next big thing’…well I’m a little late to the show so this opinion will count for next to nothing now that we’ve not heard a peep from them since they came rolling through here with Zola Jesus and The XX; oh, the music? it’s a muted variety of gothic, dream-pop not unlike those XX cats: (buy vinyl)
Le DaysDead People On Tape (2011, self-released) ♥♥♥½
:sparse and fragile folk from Sweden’s Daniel Hedin (with help from friends); at 78 minutes it runs a bit long but his striking emotional outpouring should keep even the most ADD-afflicted listener on the edge of their seat in anticipation of what will come next:
JesuAscension (2011, Caldo Verde) ♥♥♥½
:this is admittedly my first true experience with anything Justin has ever done so I have no frame of reference to compare this to; with that in mind, I found Ascension more in line with the slow low-end churn of 90’s alt-indie kings Hum than Slint/EITS (amateur Pitchfork reviewer…); tracks 2,3,4 make a killer trio but the album has a tendency to repeat itself and drag on a bit: (buy vinyl)
Snake OilSnake Oil (2011, self-released) ♥♥♥
:groove-based instrumental passages featuring members of Weigh Down & Titles that occasionally sound like Black Moth Super Rainbow/Tobacco outtakes: (buy vinyl)
Victory & AssociatesThese Things Are Facts (2011, self-released) ♥♥♥½
:rowdy but melodic indie rock from San Fran featuring the former singer of Replicator (blast from the past there…); this is a West Coast sound filtered through matter-of-fact, Midwestern mannerisms (dig that alliteration) not unlike The Hold Steady: (buy vinyl)
Closely Watched TrainsClosely Watched Trains (2009, Twin Lakes) ♥♥♥½
:CWT present a hodgepodge of back-porch Americana and quasi-hippie-folk-rock from the burgeoning New Haven, CT scene; this is earnest music at its most refined:
Dignan PorchDeluded (2011, Captured Tracks) ♥♥♥
:another entrant into the long (currently) line of melodic, mid-fi garage pop bands from the UK RIYL Real Estate, Beach Fossils: (buy vinyl)
Jill AndrewsThe Mirror (2011, Liam) ♥♥♥½
:Jill has backed up her beautiful, unmistakable voice with an exceptional batch of songs…I was concerned all of her best work was behind her as a member of the (still-missed) Everybodyfields but that’s not the case; might be easy listening for some but this occupies a niche that I sometimes need to call upon; RIYL Lissie:
Sam BayI Have A Fever (2011, self-released) ♥♥♥½
:Sam may or not be recognizable to BTID readers under his former stage name Sam Skarstad due to his inclusion on one of my all-time fave monthly mixes (December 2005); this is crafty, ‘orchestral’ psyche-folk with gentle guitar plucks, electronic flourishes and trippy lyrical passages; don’t pass up Sam’s new Philly/Brooklyn based project Snakes Say Hisss…pretty impressive for a lad of only 20!:
AustraFeel It Break (2011, Domino/Paper Bag) ♥♥♥♥
:Katie Stelmanis has finally found a bit of recognition with her Polaris Prize nominated Feel; her voice is a perfect fit for these euphoric, goth-pop dance numbers; RIYL Zola Jesus, Crystal Castles: (buy vinyl)
Eddie VedderUkelele Songs (2011, Island) ♥♥♥
:it would appear Vedder is one of the few (if not the only) music pioneers of the 90’s grunge era to artisticly thrive in the post-flannel years; he gets help from Chan Marshall (Cat Power) and Glen Hansard (Frames) but this is mainly his gig with vocals, uke and minor accompaniment plus a few covers:
The Go! TeamRolling Blackouts (2011, Memphis Industries) ♥♥½
:a playful but scatterbrained trip through indie-pop psychedelia and melodic weirdness from this UK collective…couple of knockout tracks but a lot of (instrumental) filler; rumor has it their first two LP’s are more substantial: (buy vinyl)
The LongwallsCareers In Science (2011, Static Motor) ♥♥♥♥
:having been one of Boston’s best kept secrets for years, The Longwalls have crafted a start-to-finish power-pop gem with equal amounts jangle and twang that hopefully extends their audience beyond Beantown; also features BTID favorite Kurt von Stetten on drums:
Here We Go MagicJanuary EP (2011, Secretly Canadian) ♥♥♥
:I felt the same way about this stopgap/leftovers EP as I did the recent LP (Pigeons)…there’s fine moments here (the bubbly post-punkish sound of ‘Backwards Time’) but not a whole lot to keep this on the iPod permanently:
The ACB’sStona Rosa (2011, self-released) ♥♥♥½
:it might be a bit lazy to say a lot of these tracks sound inspired by (or derivative of) Weezer or Fountains Of Wayne but hot-damn catchy tracks like ‘Italian Girls’ rip a page right out of Rivers Cuomo’s diary; RIYL Weezer, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, modern indie power-pop circles:
SkeletonsPeople (2011, Shinkoyo) ♥♥♥½
:noodly and angular avant-rock sprinkled with elements of jazz, folk, weirdness and profanity; add vocalist’s Matt Mehlan’s inviting, matter-of-fact style (Chris Leo of The Van Pelt?) and this becomes strange brew, but an invigorating affair; peeps whose tastes regularly from 4/4 time signatures and verse-chorus-verse formulas will find a lot to love here; RIYL Battles:

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FreeMP3 Update – July 2011

A couple times a month I intend to post a list of notable artists who have kindly offered their music to us for the low, low price of free (or willing donation). Although I don’t have nearly the amount of time to listen to everything given away here, I can assure you that I have at least sampled a few tracks from each to insure the integrity of the list. All artists links will be added to the mpFree list over in the sidebar for future reference with no guarantee that the music will still be available. Additionally, if you’re reading this and creating music that you’d like to pass along free to anyone willing to hear it please contact me and I’ll add you to the list. It’s very likely I won’t have the time to review your music but I can certainly point others towards it.

Jump Start Records (various catalog releases)
Goodnight Lights
The ACB’s
Alexa Woodward
The Water
It Is Rain In My Face
Guadalupe Plata
Air Museum
VA – I Heart Noise (compilations)
Poor Lilly
Lion, Roar!
Gem Trails
Old Man Lady Luck
Golden Coins
Public Dims
Art Imperial
Lambs & Wolves
Miller, Fiona Sally
Warm Weather
Meridian Signals
Elwins, The
Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles
Bahtel Oot
The Post Riot Era
Best Youth
Wild Vibes
Battle Circus
Sky Drops, The
Eversons, The
Top Surprise
16 Lovers Lane
Pina Chulada
Antn Hrkwk
Camera Phone
Laureates, The
Phantom Power
The Speed Of Sound In Seawater
Rocketship Park
VA – Herohill Presents – Gordon Lightfoot Tribute
Shy Mirrors
Candy Hearts
Black Ships, The
I’m Turning Into

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Special Monday Morning Tape – #109

The American Scenekilled off in the second act
(taken from their 2011 release By Way Of Introduction)
The Lighthouse and The Whalerunder mountain, under ground
(taken from their 2010 release The Lighthouse and The Whaler)
Cultsmost wanted
(taken from their 2011 release Cults)
Folly and The Huntercost
(taken from their 2011 release Residents)
Las Kellieskeep the horse
(taken from their 2011 release Kellies)
Ed Lauriespirit of the stairway
(taken from his 2011 release Cathedral)
Jackie-O Motherfuckerwhere we go
(taken from their 2011 release Earth Sound System)
Broadcastervacation days
(taken from their 2011 release Joyride EP)
Little Hornthief
(taken from their 2011 release Twelve)
(taken from their 2011 release Gravity The Seducer)
Big Troublesmisery
(taken from their 2011 release Romantic Comedy)
Prophets & Kingsdie to rest
(taken from their 2011 release Prophets & Kings)

AnnabelThe Forgetting Of Names And Faces (Pink Couch Session)

LowTry To Sleep

No JoyMaggie Says I Love You

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32 Albums You Need To Hear So Far In 2011

‘Halfway’ album lists are probably about as pointless and irrelevant as year-end lists but, for whatever reason, music bloggers (like myself) can’t let go of the notion and burning desire to thrust our ‘well-informed’ opinions upon the ‘uninformed’ masses. So without further ado here are thirty 4-star albums that I consider to be essential listening so far this year. A sample mp3 is included for those who of y’all who need some additional coaxing as well as a link to buy vinyl (if applicable).

TennisCape Dory (South Carolina)
:I was hoping this didn’t stray from the alarmingly endearing Specter-pop they presented on all the ’10 singles; it’s a harmless, worry-free listening experience that also lacks the pretension of others currently mining this territory:
DeVotchKa100 Lovers (All The Sand In All The Sea)
:I find I’m always holding everything new up to everything old in the DeVotchKa catalog and that’s a mistake….even a mediocre LP from this camp is better than 95% of whatever else you’ve been listening to; 100 Lovers sees Nick’s vocals more being up front and ubiquitous than ever and there’s even a folk-mariachi offering for those yearning for the diversity found on How It Ends:
Asobi SeksuFluorescence (Trance Out)
:each new release finds the production getting crisper and Yuki’s signature vocals slightly more discernible but the trademark swirling synth/dream-pop sound is prevalent and beautiful; a few more spins and this might top 2006′s Citrus:
The Binary Marketing ShowBecause Of This, This And This (Blue Glass)
:collage-pop from this Brooklyn duo that follows in the footsteps of their impressive catalog; this is a variation of folk-tronica with tribal, wind-swept melodies and organic instrumentation; RIYL The Books, The Microphones:
Lia IcesGrown Unknown (Daphne)
:minimal, almost naked, goth-pop centered around Lia’s dynamic/expressive vocals and various string accompaniments; includes a duet with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) on ‘Daphne’, one of my favorite tracks of the year thus far; RIYL St. Vincent, Glasser:
Scattered TreesSympathy (Four Days Straight)
:promising indie-pop that seems like an oddity coming out of Chicago these days; equal parts mellow and boisterous but wholly therapeutic; almost every song is ready for immediate mixtape placement:
The DøBoth Ways Open Jaws (Bohemian Dances)
:quite eccentric, groove-based neo-dance-pop that even borders on the vaudevillian at times; the attentive listener will find a smorgasbord of sounds being deployed in the background of almost all of these tracks, couple that with creative percussion/beats and it makes for one of the most dynamic releases I’ve heard in recent memory; RIYL Björk, Feist, Lykki Li:
Natural Snow BuildingsWaves Of The Random Sea (This Ice Fortress)
:devastatingly beautiful ambient folk that should find itself on every self-respecting music lover’s year-end list:
PJ HarveyLet England Shake (On Battleship Hill)
:I’ve never before listened to a complete PJ album though I’ve been more than impressed with singles I’ve heard over the years but I think I have to work backwards after this LP; Let is bursting with personality and diversity and although I can’t directly relate to the Anglophilic politics they don’t hinder the album at all; easily one of my favorite releases so far this year:
Lykke LiWounded Rhymes (Love Out Of Lust)
:you might not find the dynamic range in voice (assertive-to-twee/timid) and left-of-center percussion as you did on the debut but you can’t ignore the fact that Lykke has returned with a solid collection of organic, progressive-minded, dance-pop and as far as I’m concerned this is a noted improvement upon Youth Novels:
WoodsmanRare Forms (Beat The Heat)
:this album definitely has an omnipresent heartbeat which is what separates it from the now over-saturated field of 2nd wave Animal Collective worshippers; the ambient, percussive pieces reminded me a little of Mt. Eerie/The Microphones a bit as well; regardless of the influences, Rare helped me mentally wander through a few traffic-jammed rides home from work and for that I endorse it:
Peter Bjorn and JohnGimme Some (Eyes)
:forgive PB&J for lacking what some writers are calling ‘depth’ and instead scaling back to the basics centered around penning ultra-catchy, finger-snappin’ pop anthems for a stiff indie scene that could definitely stand to lighten the hell up already….; RIYL Say Hi To Your Mom, Vampire Weekend, Supergrass:
Computer MagicSpectronic EP (Grand Junction)
:one-woman, synth-pop project from Brooklyn (who the hell isn’t from BK these days…) with emphasis on precious melodies and songcraft…odd I haven’t seen Danz remixing others’ work…; get this and a few other of her EP’s gratis here:
Acid House KingsMusic Sounds Better With You (Would You Say Stop?)
:Swedish twee pop royalty who can basically do no wrong return after 6 years to deliver another super-fun LP of feel-good, castanet-chattering, summertime hits; RIYL Belle and Sebastian, Hidden Cameras, Acid House Kings:
Code PieLove Meets Rage (Muddy Shoes)
:one can get the impression that Montreal is the Canadian equivalent of Brooklyn in that every time I check to see where a solid but unrecognized artist hails from…it’s Montreal; the band’s 3rd LP sees them combining elements from the first two albums like well-placed horns and muted ambience and adding even more depth (see the dirty blues homage on ‘Tunnel’ or the Afropop-influenced guitar on ‘Heart Spit’); RIYL Broken Social Scene, Anathallo:
RestorationsRestorations (Nonlocality)
:front page review:
The Joy FormidableThe Big Roar (Cradle)
:the JF’s quick jump to a major and more polished versions of my faves from last year’s ‘EP’ did little to dissuade me from loving every second of this intense, alt-rock powerhouse of a record; go see these songs live…they’ll hit even harder:
Josh T. PearsonThe Last Of The Country Gentleman (Sorry With A Song)
:former frontman for the short-lived but iconic Lift To Experience; whereas that project was dense and angelic this solo effort is a bare-bones approach to intimate folk touching on some pretty ignomious topics with sparse guitar and string accompaniment; I shouldn’t have listened to this while driving as I kept getting locked on Josh’s every word and next move; RIYL Bill Callahan, Jeff Buckley, Lift to Experience:
DodosNo Color (Black Night)
:this is as close to the flagship Beware or Visitor albums as these fellas are gonna get; No Color is opened with and anchored by two of this year’s most unfuckwithable songs:
tUnE-yArDsw h o k i l l (Gangsta)
:whine, complain, spell this however the hell you want – it’s miles better than her debut, easily one of my favorite albums of the year and I am stoked to see her in a few weeks!:
Fleet FoxesHelplessness Blues (Helplessness Blues)
:contrary to some critiques I’ve read, Robin’s arrangements here are just as interesting and stimulating as the debut; this hasn’t quite grown on me like Fleet Foxes yet but I suspect it will after time; one of this year’s best, for sure:
Craft SpellsIdle Labor (You Should Close The Door)
:get this if you love the Drums or any number of the New Order inspired bands of recent memory; there’s also a sprinkle or two of tropicalia and a few older tracks have been cleaned up (arguably for the worse) like the uninhibited joy that is You Should Close The Door, my ringtone for the past year and a half; RIYL Drums, Kisses, chill broments:
FishboyClassic Creeps (Adrian Simmons)
:my only prior experience with Denton’s Fishboy was ’07′s Albatross which featured several infectious/manic indie-pop odes of joy(?); this is no different except it was accompanied by a read-along comic and all the characters involved have their destines entwine before the end (the Magnolia of the music world?); see Mark’s front-page review; RIYL Heligoats/Troubled Hubble, Tullycraft:
MonogoldThe Softest Glow (Spirit Or Something)
:a surprise treat from this Brooklyn (no surprise) collective that features a less-serious take on AC’s good vibes and warm, inviting arrangements; quite possibly the best opening 1-2 punch I’ve heard this year and rad artwork too…someone press it to vinyl! RIYL Sun Airway, Magic Man:
Akron/FamilyS/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT (Silly Bears)
:these guys have taken a bit of slack lately from the hipster and indie-type crowds because of their unabashed hippiness but based on videos, their live shows are intense and their catalog is slowly filling up with near-classics like S/T II: (buy vinyl)
LowC’mon (Especially Me)
:considering I’ve been a huge supporter of Alan, Mimi and Zak’s evolution since the early 90′s it means a lot to declare this their most powerful and endearing release since ’01′s Things We Lost In The Fire; Low consistently find ways to keep minimalism interesting while maintaining their integrity: (buy vinyl)
High Tension WiresWelcome New Machine (Backbone)
:with Dirtnap it’s already been pre-determined that infectious, high-energy garage-pop is in order here; I’d have to say this is probably one of the signature albums from the genre’s recent history as it sinks its claws into your head and never really lets up; RIYL Marked Men, Jay Reatard, Mind Spiders: (buy vinyl)
JEFF The BrotherhoodWe Are The Champions (Bummer)
:I knew I was going to love this immediately after hearing the opening 30 seconds of swirling 90′s indie guitar jamminess; it’s sweet and hooky when it needs to be and scuzzy/grungy when it loosens up…kudos!: (buy vinyl)
CreepoidHorse Heaven (Enabler)
Dreamers Of The GhettoDreamers Of The Ghetto (Tether)
:a unique Bloomington collective of (mostly) family members with deeply affecting vocals and a rather proletarian feel and approach to their music; we should expect big things from these guys…hopefully a vinyl release of this album…:
The DeloreansAmerican Craze (Buffalo)
:self-described eccentric power-pop from Louisville filtered through show-tunes, modern psychedelia and vaudevillian/baroque pop; a most pleasing experience that very few critics will be able to pinpoint or set to words very easily; couple of these tracks (like the opener and ‘Non’) actually reminded me of Devotchka: (buy vinyl)
Hunx and His PunxToo Young To Be In Love (Lovers Lane)
:a throwback variety of queer-core that champions all that is good with the sub-genre of Spector-influenced garage…handclaps, oohs/aahs, Grease/Rocky Horror flashbacks, his/her call-and-response; if you’re looking for infectious smiles and fun in 2011 consider this your gold standard; next up – ’09′s Gay Singles: (buy vinyl)

A few late bloomers from 2010 that missed the list:

Blue Water White DeathBlue Water White Death (The End Of Sex)
GenerationalsTrust EP (Say For Certain)
The HummsLemonland (Jesus Lied)
Shugo TokumaruPort Entropy (Lahaha)
TalonsHollow Realm (Peter Pan)
The End Of AmericaSteep Bay (Fiona Grace)
PS I Love YouMeet Me At Muster Station (Butterflies and Boners)
French FilmsGolden Sea EP (Take You With Me)
Four TetThere Is Love In You (Love Cry)
Antony & The JohnsonsSwanlights (Ghost)
Wolf PeopleSteeple (Silbury Sands)
TelekinesisParallel Seismic Conspiracies EP (Calling All Doctors)
Beat RadioGolden Age (Golden Age)

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