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June 1

Screaming Tribesmen - anthology 1982-1992 *(pretty gnarly rock n roll from Oz, did have a few watery tracks near the end)
Saxon Shore - luck will not save us from a jackpot of nothing EP (2005) * (aural post-rock bliss, one track even features a banjo...)
Ticonderoga - s/t (mellow avante indie rock)
Vetiver - s/t (not too far from above, though a slight bit better)
Sebastien Schuller - happiness (sometimes super indie-electronica)

June 2

Statuesque - choir above fire below (rather eclectic album with nods to the Smiths, sometimes nice, other times flat)
Swervedriver - juggernaut rides (2005) * (simply smashing collection of classics and rarities)
Stereotyperider - under the influences vol. 1 (pretty straightforward punk covers of mostly punk songs)
Ten In The Swear Jar - inside of the computer 10" (pre-Xiu Xiu, mostly forgettable)
The Fuzz - live at club soda 2-8-04 (very brief show, quality suffered, played my favorite though, 'Coldfeet')

June 3

Bitter Tea For Breakfast - alarming new evidence of pathological self-sabotage *
The Chocolate Watchband - way out * (groovy 60's psyche-garage)
Gregor Samsa / The Silent Type - split EP * (excellent dream pop from GS, bittersweet acoustic sadness from TST)
Minus The Bear - bands like it when you yell 'yar' at them EP (all of the demo versions are far inferior to proper album versions)

June 4

Boo Radleys - ichabod & i (oh, the sludgy guitar-rock is surprising, yet not very memorable)
The Border States - the golden plum EP (so-so indie-pop with nasally vocals)
Blitzen Trapper - field rexx * (a most diverse exploration of pop, Byrdsian country and booze)
Robert Pollard - zoom EP (2005) (an odd little nugget, few nice noodlings but nothing all that great)
Rinaldi Sings - what's it all about (2005)* (great upbeat pop with horns and such)
Sufjan Stevens - illinois (2005) * (wasn't a big fan previously, but this is something special)
We Versus The Shark - ruin everything! (2005) * (gritty, melodic hardcore with some clever guitar parts and male/female vocals)
Elijah Wyman - give & take (shy boy with acoustic guitar, not bad but the lyrics were way too holy for repeated consumption)

June 5

Duplex - hot looks for summer * (very smooth indie a al Yo La Tengo with heavy Beatles influence)
Blastic Pubble - a stonehedge on the euphrates (wacky pop-psyche, E6-ish at times, reminds me of Visitations/Fablefactory a lot)
Crash Kills Four - the guardrail that failed (melodic emocore)
Blastic Pubble - forever ruined for the ordinary * (see above, much better)
VA - Routes - Alfred University (diverse comp featuring all kinds of stuff, only a few keepers though)
Blastic Pubble - gravity, reality and other related compounds (noise collage with found sounds and silly lyrics, not for the faint at heart)
Dwindle - recently okay (kinda samey, math-lite rock at a semi-glacial pace)
King Missile - royal lunch (more wacky shit from Hall, half political, half funky - all crazy)
Lucero - nobody's darling (2005) * (southern-fried rock n roll)

June 6

Foot Of Feathers - the woes of broken bones and noses EP (2005)(mid-tempo pop)
Solarists - the channel's twilight (sad folkcore not unlike Smog or Silver Jews, though really samey sounding)
Carter Little - dare to be small (2005) * (see BTID review)
Big Star - extended versions (2005) * (excellent playlist, a few songs sounded uninspired though)
Martin Carpenter - sheepish (2005) (pop-lite, sometimes interesting)
The Static Age - neon lights electric lives (2005) (80's inspired synth-rock, music is rather generic and uninspired)
Troubled Hubble - a happy day went off the cliff EP * (quirky indie rock, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics)

June 7

Brendan Benson - one mississippi * (old fave)
Sigur Ros - aegetis byrjun * (old fave)
The Pale Pacific - rules are predictable EP (2005) * (edgy dream-pop with occasional bursts of pop prettiness)
Turn Around - s/t EP (2005)(so-so acoustic based, organ-driven pop)
Muller and Patton - s/t (2005)(classic pop structuring, focus on harmonies, melody and basic arrangements - couple of cute Hanson-esque dudes)
Valery Gore - s/t (2005) * (quirky piano-pop, reminds me of Lisa Germano in the vocals)
The Approach - the creepy clown EP (2005) * (review forthcoming)
Lush - ciao! * (collection of old faves)

June 8

Cobra Verde - copycat killers (2005) (decent batch of covers, all done in CV fashion, rowdy and dirty)
Destroyer - your blues * (third times a charm for this one, knew it had potential but was having trouble with the vocals)
Pernice Brothers - discover a lovelier you (2005) (an unusually weak offering from Joe and the boys, most of this sounds like outtakes and b-sides - and not good ones)
Brendan Benson - live in seattle 5-9-05 * (as always super awesome tunes, recording is a bit patchy though)

June 10

My Epiphany - mirabilia (2005) (rather bland emo-rock lite with subtle electronic touches)
Neon - s/t (2005) (pop/rock with a smidge of vintage garage sound, couple great singles but some filler)
The Posies - every kind of light (2005) (kind of a disappointment, couple of killer tracks, couple of really awful ones (ahem, the opening song), bummer)
Phosphorescent - aw come aw wry (2005) * (wonderful! 3rd top-notch release in as many tries, move over BPB)
Longwave - there's a fire (2005) (not as good as the last two albums, still deamy pop but less memorable, not as many hooks/sweeping guitars)
Nada Surf - let's go (still my 3rd fave)

June 11

Son Volt - okemah and the melody of riot (2005)* (Farrar could burp in a can for 45 minutes and I would still dig it)
Magstatic - she's just a buzz (2005) (not bad, nice mix of pop-punk - angular DC sound and Britpop, production suffered badly though)
Of Montreal - the sunlandic twins bonus disc (2005)
David Pajo - pajo (2005) (decent, some songs sounded REALLY like Iron & Wine)
The Diskettes - weeknights at island view beach (2005)* (supercute twee-pop, with great female/male harmonies)
The Spectacular Fantastic - i love you EP (2005)* (mid-fi indie rock with twangy tendencies, quite solid)
Thomas Mery - hallonSaft EP (2005) (slightly-experimental acoustic project with electronic enhancements)

June 12

V.O. - the tape EP (2005)* (mellow indie rock with open space, web-release that should see proper CD/vinyl release)
Amp - us (2005) (on the cusp, shoegaze-lite with really airy female vocals and electronic touches - i also smelt Spiritualized)
The Adventures Of Loki - feminine side EP (2005)* (raunchy noise-punk, not unlike Art Brut or The Kiss Offs)
Hot Snakes - peel session (2005)* (4 quick blasts of energy, Peel style)
Spike Priggen - the stars (2005) (NY troubadour covering a wide gamut of artists in his own moody pop style)
Thanksgiving - river (2005)* (mopey folk, not unlike Smog or Songs:Ohia)
Project Skyward - strange synchronicites (2005)* (airy dream-pop, sometimes thick and gazey, sometimes trip-hoppy, sometimes dancey - all good)

June 13

M Ward - transfiguration of vincent * (old fave)

June 15

Bolt - movement and detail (2005)* (ace math-metal-core, with shiftin' plate action and scrumptious riffage)
Accursed Dawn - manifest damnation (2005) (average In Flames-influenced death metal with some nice riffage)
Anagram - songs from far away (2005)* (smooth dreamy pop, with affecting female vocals and a heavy 80's feel)
Anaphylaxis - noise for lovers (2005) (very gloomy, spacious, ambient darkwave)
Bipolaroid - transparent make-believe (Syd Barrett fronting an 80's post-punk outfit)
Channing Cope - sugar in the blood EP (2005)* (slow, brooding indie rock)
Chef Menteur - we silently await tristan's empire (2005)* (very eclectic post-rock, more Strange Attractors than Constellation)

June 16

Angela Correa - correatown (2005)* (much like, but more interesting than, Cat Power)
Emperor X - central hug (2005)* (fun mid-fi grab bag of indie-pop, with some garagey moments and processed sounds)
The Dangtrippers - days before stations* (supremo 80's janegle-pop, VERY early REM-ish)
The Doxies - the weight of gold (2005) (twangy power pop with a few memorable songs)

June 17

The Flaming Tsunamis - zombies vs. robots! EP (oddball, punk/oi type stuff about, well I'm sure you can guess)
The Drews - the sins of others (2005) (more oddball junk, this time a wiry brand of anti-folk with silly lyrics)
German Art Students - name-droppers (2005)* (bouncy/crunchy male/female pop-punk with clever/funny lyrics)
The Impatients - kickball (power-pop with very annoying vocals or was this just mixed poorly?)
Jettison - search for the gun * (excellent, super-catchy pop-punk with crunch)
Vicente Palop & M - alhama de nadie split EP (2005)* (very cute French twee/indie-pop from M and mellow folk from Palop)
Grant Lee Buffalo - storm hymnal - songs from the vault (2CD)* (great collection of an old favorite)

June 18

The Hourly Radio - lure of the underground EP (2005)* (fantastic dreamy Britpop, sounds a bit U2-ish at times)
Cocorosie - noah's ark (2005) (sometimes endearing, but not nearly as good as their first, Antony = blech)
Angil - s/t EP (mopey indie/electronica)
Binary Dolls - seesaw sunday night (not as good as their newest, sounded a lot like the first 2 Eels albums but the vocals were a bit distracting)
Granian - on my own two feet (fairly polished, radio-ready pop/rock - too slick for its own good)
Je Ne Sais Quoi - secret languages EP * (dirtier production than on the LP but still pretty damn rockin)
Milhaven - bars closing down (2005)* (pretty good post-rock in the key of EITS and Mogwai)
Blastic Pubble - lemonadefoolsday (psyche-pop with emphasis on the psyche, odd found sounds and wacky lyrics)

June 19

Kahoots - yellow yellow (so-so mid-fi indiepop)
Kash - open (2005) (crazy-core, think a quieter but no less spastic Panoply Academy or Sweep The Leg Johnny)
Low-Beam - fashionable driving songs EP (mid-tempo indiepop, Imperial Teen-ish minus the fun)
New Brutalism - 2001-2003 * (2005) (excellent rowdy, yet melodic, hardcore much in common with Hot Snakes or anything Dischord)
Oxford Collapse - a good ground (2005)* (pretty catchy, mid-fi post-punkish type stuff)
Reindeer Tiger Team - s/t EP (2005)(ok Braid-ish indie rock with mathy tendencies)
Interpol - antics (well, you know. just don't find myself moved by this album)
Jaga Jazzist - magazine (dancey, jazz influenced ambience)
The Konks - s/t (2005)* (foot-stompin vintage garage rock, a la Nomads)
Liars Academy - demons (decent hardcore emo, no screaming thank gawd)
Mountain Goats - come, come to the sunset tree (2005)* (a lo-fi version of some LP tracks and a few extras)
John Southworth - mars pennsylvania * (awesomely odd Bacharachian cabaret pop, unique AND interesting)
Soapbox Revolt - so it begins EP * (pretty catchy dark pop-punk)
Small Towns Burn A Little Slower - holding on to what's killing you EP (not very good pop-punk emo, newer EP is much better)

June 21

Detwiije - six is better than eight (decent post-rock)
The Glass - concorde* (sounds a lot like a revved-up Songs:Ohia, careful blend of faux-Americana and sadcore and indie rock)
Hammock - kenotic * (very powerful post-rock, can easily stand up with the best of them)

June 22

Giardini Di Miro - hits for broken hearts and asses* (super post-rock, lots of this going around lately)
Charmparticles - the scenic EP (so-so gazey guitar rock with nice female vocals)
Friends Of Lizzy - perfect little pieces (2005)* (hooky and diverse pop/rock - few songs sound Weezer-ish but that comparison ends there)

June 23

Moonshine Sway - seven years (2005) (very straightforward Americana, much like Uncle Tupelo or early Wilco)
Oneida - the wedding (2005)* (grab-bag of variety this time around, some great organ pieces, psyche freak-outs, a bit of sludge and none of it plodding or boring like older releases)
Xiu Xiu - la foret (2005)* (love one Xiu Xiu album, you love 'em all)
The Sound - from the lion's mouth re-issue * (classic gloomy post-punk a la Chameleons and Joy Division)
Honey For Petzi - man's rage for black ham (2005)* (slammin' mathcore with a few ambient tendencies)

June 24

This Radiant Boy - shakedown at the russian disco EP (bouncy Superchunk-ish indie rock, with male/female vocals)
Springfactory - s/t EP* (great Swedish indie-pop, bookended by two excellent jaunty tunes)
VA - Metaphysics For Beginners - Redder Records* (mostly indie rock comp with the occasional oddball, very cohesive and full of great songs to boot)
Mike Uva - where have you been (pleasant acoustic-based pop with some 60's influences)
Machine Go Boom - thank you, captain obvious* (old fave, awesome schizo indie-pop, think GBV drunk on pixie sticks instead of PBR)
Josef K - young and stupid (supposedly seminal post-punk, yeah a few standouts but suffered from sameness)

June 25

Solarists - the channel's twilight (2005)* (enjoyed this much more second time around, still feeling that heavy Silver Jews vibe)
Sunshine - moonshine and razorblades (slightly glammy post-punk, think the first British Sea Power album with a shot of adrenaline or maybe INC)
The Byrds - dr. byrds and mr. hyde (one of the more countryish efforts, couple of great tunes like Old Blue and Your Gentle Way Of Loving Me)
This Microwave World - red states (2005)* (pretty snappy, almost dancey hardcore)
Tryptophan - making the donuts to keep the world safe for capitalism (90's-ish indie rawk sound but a bit plodding at times)

June 26

The Apple Moths - fred astaire EP (classic twee sound, reminds me of a breezier Lucksmiths or most Sarah artists)
Dirtbombs Vs. King Khan & His Shrines - billiards at nine thirty (2005) (Dirtbombs side was rather dull for them, flipside King Khan was blazing r&b stomp with horns)
David Doll - s/t EP (2005)
Starfighter - orion (2005) (Britpop sounding stuff from Norway, decent but lacking in great songs)
Summer Blanket - whisper louder (2005)* (mellow but catchy indie rock/pop, 2nd great release from Pop-Up Records this year - keep an eye on this label)
Dressy Bessy - electrified (2005) (very simple pop-garage ditties, though a bit boring)
Get Him Eat Him - geography cones (2005)* (spastic indie rock with lots of organ)

June 27

The Kinks - the village green preservation society * (classic album that actually lives up to its classic status, and more)
The Heavenly States - black comet (quite different from the last release, springy indie rawk with lots of cello/violin - could be on Saddle Creek)
Silver Apples - s/t* (definitely WAY ahead of its time, groovy beats, catchy songs in a garage feel, DIY ethics - wonderful)
The Robot Ate Me - carousel waltz (2005)* (very nice arrangements, not unlike Sufjan Stevens, mostly acoustic based with a knack for a pop hook and melody)
The Beatles - abbey road* (old fave)

June 28

Leon - uppers and downers (2005)
Roky Erickson - i have always been here before - anthology (2CD) (hit-and-really-big-miss sums up Roky's solo catalog - this is a bit much to swallow all at once but nice to pluck a few great singles from)
The Charms - pussycat (2005) (femme-fronted pop/punk garage type sounds with lots of organ)
Cloud Cult - advice from the happy hippopotamus (2005)* (this fella fuses many types of sounds ranging from electro, folk, lo-fi grabbag, upbeat rockers etc. and does it quite well - awesome!)
The Prayers and Tears Of Arthur Digby Sellers - the mother of love emulates the shapes of cynthia (2005)* (see feature)

June 29

Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah! - s/t (2005)* (quite varied and enjoyable indie rock)

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