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Nov 1

Atlantic Manor - the trouble that you left (2005) (not as remarkable as AM's other 2005 release, this one's a good bit samey)

Nov 2

The Bellakun - bendicion malditas (2005)

Nov 3

The Disappointments - midwest coast (average quirky power-pop, the length was a bit much and the live songs at the end didn't help)
Animal Collective - feels (2005) (definitely more interesting that previous works but still something lacking - not bad)
Magnolia Electric Co. - hard to love a man EP (2005)* (quite nice aside from the poor cover (the original's quite lame too) at the end)

Nov 4

Matt Pond PA - several arrows later (2005)* (just as good as last year's Emblems)
Menomena - posh isolation 7" (2005) (oddly, a couple of unremarkable tracks)
The Silent League - the orchestra sadly has refused* (superb orchestral pop)

Nov 5

Kunek - flight of the flynns (2005)* (swell piano-led mope pop with male/female vocals - not unlike Absinthe Blind)
Washington Generals - g28* (playful, yet choppy indie-garage)
Silent Bliss - bent flowers EP* (pleasant indie folk-pop)
The Sad Snowman - new morning EP* (sad, indie-pop with lots of strings)
The Hartmans - ett tva ett tva ett tva EP (2005)* (snappy, jangly twee-pop with male/female harmonies - really nice)
Hell On Wheels - new chemicals EP (2005)
Celestine - between bedtime and sunrise (2005)* (reviewed previously)
The Fall - fall heads roll (2005)* (much much better than the last album - this one being oddly clean on the production side and even poppy at times)
Matt Costa - songs we sing (2005)* (superb folk-pop like Brendan Benson crossed with Donovan or Nick Drake - top-notch)

Nov 6

Saint Sophia - the deepsweet nothings network (decent eclectic indie rock)
Serena-Maneesh - s/t (2005)* (pretty solid psyche/shoegaze with rather androgynous vocals)
Mew - and the glass handed kites (2005) (a semmingly scattered affair with a few excellent songs)
The Legends - public radio (2005)* (The Legends do it again - airy, sugary pop in the famed Labrador style)
Headlights - 2 EP (2005) (male/female indie rock with the female sounding a lot like Jenny from Rilo Kiley - not as good as their last EP though)
Goldrush - ozona (2005) (decent twangy, jangly rock from the UK)
Moonbabies - war on sound (2005)* (warm, cozy dreampop with male/female vocals and a couple of super covers)
Ninja High School - young adults against suicide (2005) (cheeky, white-boy, indie-rap - a bit like early Beasties with more pomp)

Nov 8

The Bats - at the national grid (2005)* (pretty surprising release, if not a bit restrained)
Bee - break through overground (2005) (a bit of Southern classic rock, a bit power-pop)
The Great Depression - heaven is becoming (2005) (a far less engaging effort than their debut but still ok at times - post-rock)

Nov 9

Arab Strap - the last romance (2005)* (best Strap album thus far, reminded me a lot of Malcolm's recent solo album)
The Winners - valencia nights EP (2005) (decent mid-fi fuzz-pop)

Nov 10

Liz Janes and Create! - s/t EP (2005)* (precious psych-folk with Liz's usually gorgeous vocals)
The Lonelyhearts - dispatch (2005)* (highly political and hauntingly beautiful, synthy folk-Americana - vocalist sometimes sounds like Michael Stipe)
Vidavox - s/t (2005) (ok melodic math-rock)
The Minni-Thins - in black cause i asked (2005)* (quirky, jerky indie rock - think half Violent Femmes, half Pixies)
Parade - a red button (2005)* (swirly, bouncy, edgy femme alt.rock, reminds me a little of 100 Watt Smile)
Maggi, Pierce and EJ - silver (3CD) (2005) (concept album of sorts, first disc (Morning) is far better than anything else, great quiet folk music - the rest pretty much equals blah)

Nov 11

Sam Skarstad - checkpoint (2005)* (quirky lo-fi cut-and-paste type stuff with great instrumentation and solid songwriting - very nice)
Tall Grass Captains Of Greater Chicago - she went through (2005) (decent jangly garage-pop)
Bluebottle Kiss - a little bit of light EP (2005) (one really great song but the rest merely OK)
Audrey - s/t EP (2005) (quiet, heartfelt pop with a lot of strings and a vocalist that resembles Bjork)
Petracovich - we are wyoming (ok airy, trip-hop/dream-pop with female vocals)
The Pinetop Seven - the night's bloom (2005) (a bit disappointing on this release, the band sounds more or less generic (like Better Than Ezra?) and oddly polished)
Oakley Hall - second guessing (2005) (slightly psyche-ish blues' 'n roll with a touch of honky tonk - not as good as their last release)

Nov 12

The Advantage - elf-titled (2006)* (more awesome NES-core from this indie-prog-metal trio)
The Dead Science - frosted giant (2005)* (cracked falsetto over quirky indie-folk-beats OR Frog Eyes for people who don't like Frog Eyes)
The Kinks - village green preservation society* (one of my all-time faves)
Doleful Lions - shaded lodge and mausoleum (2005)* (endearing fuzz-folk with a few twists and turns and great vocals - one of their best, if not the best)
Charles Manson - one mind (2005) (interesting but a bit overbearing at times - scattershot guitar strumming and a healthy dose of faux beat poetry)
New Estate - ...considering (2005)*
Valet - life on the installment plan* (one of my faves from '04)
Valet - glamour is contagious* (debut album - mid-fi indie-pop with great lyrics)

Nov 13

Seve Vs. Evan - my girlfriend has a boyfriend (2005) (think an all-male Mates Of State or a dancier, happier Casiotone For The Painfully Alone)
31knots - talk like blood (2005) (seems these guys have lost their edge, few great tunes though)
65daysofstatic - one time for all time (2005)* (...and a fine example of not losing edge - a masterful episode of electronic post-rock with soaring guitar and noise)
Ponies In The Surf - death of a librarian EP (2005)* (nice, quaint bedroom folky, twee-pop)
Paul Westerberg - the best of (2005)* (a few omissions but still as solid as Paul's career as a solo artist)
VA - This Is Indie Rock Vol. 3 (2005) (this is mostly poop vol. 3)
Vastine - midnight trampolines EP (2005)* (above-average melodic hardcore indie)
Voxtrot - raised by wolves EP (2005)* (much like Belle and Sebastian with elements of the Weddoes within - nice)
Summer Lawns - first we waited then it started (2005) (predominantly slowcore with a hint of Martin/Yorke in the vocals)

Nov 14

Captain Mike & The Totems - s/t (2005)* (pretty stellar Beatles-pop with tons of harmonies and hooks and the occasional kookiness a la XTC)
Cave In - pitch perfect black (2005) (had its moments, definitely better than Antenna - nice riffage here and there, but the vocals sounded forced sometimes and that's not well, good)
Electric Eel Shock - beat me (2005)* (supermodified Japanese garage 'n roll, oddly less accessible than their last - hurrah for that)
Lichens - the psychic nature of being (2005)* (wonderful drony ambience, with some acoustic plucking and various and sundry adornments)

Nov 15

My Morning Jacket - z (2005) (totally unremarkable and unrecognizable)
Beat Crusaders - musicrusaders (2005) (eccentric power-pop-punk band from Nippon - this one's a bit weird with mostly covers and between song jingles and radio ads)

Nov 16

Keith John Adams - pip (2005) (decent British indie-pop/garage - a lot more rocking than his first LP)
Aeroplane Pageant - he is fine EP (2005)* (almost Brit-pop sounding indie rock - love the vocals)

Nov 17

Supermodel Stalker - the glory of (diverse but bland indie rock)
The Black Watch - innercity gardens EP (2005) (most interesting release yet for these BTO favorites)
Carpal Tullar - the shimmering masterpie (2005) (ok 60's pop not unlike Of Montreal or the E6 gang)
Dirty Three - cinder (2005)* (nothing new here from D3, same old awesomeness though a bit too long perhaps)
Elliott The Letter Ostrich - blood cape (2005) (not as 'creepy' as I had heard it was but still more of that crazy lo-fi indie pop)

Nov 18

Bottom Of The Hudson - holiday machine EP (2005)* (super catchy fuzzy indie rock, at times reminiscent of Joy Division but much less gloomy)
Volto Do Mar - 03 98 (2005)* (basically a collection of posthumous songs as well as a few old gems, a fine fine band that will be missed)
Rocky Votolato - makers (2005)* (solid mostly-acoustic folk - his best yet)

Nov 19

Neil Young - prairies in the wind (2005) (decent but samey at times, he's seen better days)
The 88 - over and over (2005)* (power-pop with the occasional nod to glam, catchy stuff)
Adam Gnade - run hide retreat surrender (2005)* (hip freestyle poetry with a varied musical backdrop - much better than that sounds)
Boyracer - insults and insights EP (2005)* (more o' that super, revved up, indie-fuzz-pop)
Elliott - photorecording (2005)* (a dreamy masterpiece from these hardcore heroes gone soft, older favorites revisited here)

Nov 20

Faces On Film - seven sisters EP (2005)* (herky jerky indie rock/hardcore - some clever sounds here, impressive)
Giant Drag - hearts and unicorns (2005) (think maybe PJ Harvey with the occasional nod to MBV - not bad)
Giant Haystacks - blunt instrument (2005)* (12 songs/19 minutes of Wire-y post-punk revivalism - dig it)
The Red Robot - s/t (2005)* (excellent Fugazi-inspired rock with some great riffage and energy)
Screeching Weasel - weasel mania (2005)* (get yer classic pop-punk groove on)
Cerulean - no sense in waiting (2005)* (decent, reminded me a whole lot of Catherine Wheel, especially in the vocals)
Sloan - twice removed* (old favorite)
Brendan Benson - one mississippi (re-issue)* (one of my all-time faves, mmhm)

Nov 21

Five Dollar Day - shine like justice (2005)* (another fine effort from this lo-fi bedroom folk/pop troubadour)
Blusom - the meapolitan (2005)* (diverse folk-tronica/indie - liked this a lot better than their last album)
Foolkillers - out of state miracle (re-issue) (2005) (jangly mod-pop)
High On Stress - moonlight girls (2005) (rootsy, missing that extra something)

Nov 22

Jets Overhead - bridges (2005) (mellow and dreamy alt.rock with a slight British flair, I was thinking a dustier Teenage Fanclub - not bad)
Testface - doctor won't you get us to dawn (2005)* (see feature)
Half Blind - sugust sessions EP (2005) (blah 5th-rate 'emo' rock suffering from shoddy production)
Hinterlander - minikin (2005) (endearing and sometimes edgy indie-folk-pop - girl's got a sweet vox)

Nov 23

The Capstan Shafts - the sleeved and grandaughters of the blacklist EP (2005)* (I suggest you recanize if you don't by now)
Parker Street Cinema - s/t EP (2005)* (nice piano-based instrumental rock, a little mathy - a little post-rocky - reminded me some of Potomac Accord)

Nov 24

Headquarters - get your head on EP (2005) (bubbly rock n roll)
The Brett Rosenberg Problem - speed metal from montreal (2005) (sometimes jangly pop-rock with a buncha hooks)

Nov 25

The Capitals - broadcast one (2005) (ok psyche-power-pop)
Maritime - we, the vehicles (2005)* (warm and cheeky indie-pop, features ex-Promise Ring)
Mark Decerbo and Four Eyes - sweet on the vine (2005) (MOR and slick power-pop with a bit of dad-rock thrown in for poor measure)
Idaho - the lone gunman (2005)* (gorgeous album, just when I thought these guys might have left the building)
Robert Post - s/t (2005) (so-so singer-songwriter indiepop from Norway with 2 outstanding songs and the rest not as good)

Nov 26

Len Price 3 - chinese burn (2005)* (smashing garage pop/rock, catchy as hell, yessir)
Mono & Pelican - split (2005)* (two great songs, one from each and a bum remix)
Smashing Orange - 1991 (2005) (dreamy, gazey, reverby - but not very memorable)
St. Thomas - children of the new brigade (2005) (the most polished, straightforward release yet - put some messiness back up in there!)
Statues - aux. (2005) (kinda spunky indie, pop-punkish at times)
This Is Your Captain Speaking - storyboard (2005)* (ambient/minimal post-rock - very pleasant and chill)
UHF - all our golden tomorrows (2005) (ok pop/rock -these guys always seem to have one awesome song on each album)

Nov 27

Straylight Run - prepare to be wrong EP (2005)* (another solid release of pretty pop with male/female vocals)
Take Down Your Art - demo (2005)* (hyper throaty hardcore - band named after a line in my favorite June of 44 song)
El Boxeo - suburban sprawl music series EP (2005) (slanted indie rock with lots of cello)
The Argument - s/t EP (2005)* (a perfect extension to their great LP last year, slick but catchy as hell pop/rock)
Burn The Airwaves - demo (2005)* (see feature)
Lavender Diamond - the cavalry of light EP (2005)* (sweet, endearing folk singer with lots of piano - sexy vox on this lass)
Jens Lekman - usa october 2005 EP (2005)* (the guy can do no wrong, lead track is a nice x-masy tune plus he not only covers a Nagisa Ni Te song but he's sings it in Japanese)
Millbrook - cathedrals EP (2005) (big and juicy orchestral Beatles-pop - decent)
The Thin Man - greasy heart (2005)* (way different than the first Thin Man album - see BTID review)

Nov 28

The Clientele - strange geometry (2005)* (absolutely beautiful 60's pop/VU influenced pop - delicious start to finish)

Nov 29-30

(on vacation for mix preparation)

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