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Oct 1

Low Frequency In Stereo - astro kopp EP (2005) (not nearly as good as their LP)
Bastinado - this is rugby dance! (crunchy but melodic Dischord-ish rock from Portland)
Complicated Shirt - strigine* (rowdy, mid-fi manic rock a la The Thermals)
Eluvium - talk amongst the trees* (very warm and powerful post-rock - not necessarily original but executed perfectly)
Gaskets - big fun (bland dancey pop)
Keg Vultures - bendy straw brain massage and spiritual (dirty, muddled garage rock fueled by booze and rough nights)

Oct 2

Sackville - these last songs* (moody chamber pop - quite moving)
The Spelling Bees - snake on a bicycle (2005, reissue)* (heartfelt lo-fi pop from this male/female duo)
lowercase - kill the lights (very dark, brooding noise rock bordering on slowcore)
Mount Eerie - no flashlight (2005)* (Phil E. returns with another batch of emotionally powerful and self-deprecating tunes)
Norfolk & Western - if you were born overseas (2005)* (another great mellow indie-folk album from these Portlanders)
Angeles Drake - i wish you would come home already (2005)* (excellent dream-pop - reminds me of Longwave with some female vocals)
Candies - dense waves make your eyes wider (Italian band specializing in low-end manic indie rock)
The Quarter After - s/t (2005)* (jangly psyche-pop - very Byrdsian)
Shipwreck - origin (2005) (gloomy post-punk with more than a nod to Joy Division)

Oct 3

Stellamaris - the city turns everything electric (2005)* (solid dream-pop with great soothing vocals)
The Murderers' Accordion - so little left to see (2005)* (twangy Americana with a touch of dreariness - think Steve Earle fronting Uncle Tupelo)
Wolf Parade - apologies to the queen mary (2005)* (made me tap my feet, bob my head, and even sing along after the first few listens)

Oct 4

Woody Whatever - liquor stores on blank stares* (amicable lo-fi pop, think a tweecentric GBV)
The Cloves - waiting for the world to be (capable Brit-pop with some nice harmonies)
Straight Outta Junior High - mongoloid monarchy (2005) (catchy pop-punk with well, junior high lyrical content - fun for a listen or two)
Bailter Space - vortura* (classic noisy Matador indie rock with crunchy guitars and spacey vocals)

Oct 5

The Warlocks - phoenix EP* (immensely delicious and switl psyche-rock with a slight nod to the Velvets)
Dead Hearts - s/t EP (2005) (intense gravelly hardcore - like early Boy Sets Fire)
High School Sweethearts - heels 'n wheels (2005) (playful female garagey-pop, sometimes a little too bar-bandish at times, otherwise OK)
Aneuretical - when you were a kid (spazzy hardcore/indie with nasally vocals - had some nice rawking moments)
Beight - file in rhythm (2005)* (infectious singer-songwriter type indie-pop - not even sure this CD really exists...couldn't find a single bit of info on it)
Augie March - strange bird* (wow, I'm 3 years late for this relatively original collection of eclectic pop songs described best as 'pastoral' and 'ridiculously beautiful')

Oct 6

Chisel Drill Hammer - s/t (so-so jazzy math-rock)
Bent Left - skeletons in your closet (2005)* (blistery politico-punk - think a more rugged though just as melodic Bad Religion)
Consumed - pistols at dawn (uneven affair here - sometimes supremely edgy and catchy punk rock - other times dull)
Wake.Up.Report - record or record (2005) (buzzing indie rock - think Jets To Brazil minus Blake and his lyrical prowess)
Continuous Peasant - intentional grounding (2005)

Oct 7

Bukana - eight year alibi (2005)* (see review)
Rob Dickinson - fresh wine for the horses (2005) (got a serious MOR vibe with this solo effort - nothing really pushing any buttons here)
El Oso - whichever chapter covers now (2005) (see BTID review)
Goblin Cock - bagged and boarded (2005) (mild-tempered stoner rock from Rob Crow side-project)
Rogue Wave - descended like vultures (2005)* (a slow start to this one but she picks up steam halfway through - not as quirky as their first but far better)
The Stereotypes - 3 (2005) (some hits, some misses - these guys sure do enjoy funneling the spirit of Dylan and the Stones through Spoon-ish indie rock)
Broadcast - tender buttons (2005) (a fairly uninteresting effort here - songs tend to meander around never really going anywhere)
Minibosses/Penny Winblood - split EP (2005)* (kept alive mainly on the strength of the MB tunes - faithful versions of NES tunes will win my heart every time)
The Virgin Trebles - s/t EP* (competent debut excursion into dreamgaze)

Oct 8

Veedub - this is an album by veedub (2005)* (very warm, inviting lo-fi indie - think Grandaddy and Centromatic)
VA - Second Base (Hyde Records) (not as good as their last compilation but still a decent eclectic mix of sounds - download it from the link above)
VA - Happy Happy Birthday To Me Vol. 3 (2005)* (pretty stellar lineup of indie-pop/twee/lo-fi stalwarts playing mostly great music)
Augie March - the waltz EP (not as diverse or as strong as Strange Bird but still appealing)
Snatches Of Pink - stag (2005) (sludgey indie rawk like early Mudhoney with a daub of The Stooges)
John Snell The Tenth - is audibly oriented* (charming psyche-pop - think a milder Roky)
Seventeen Evergreen - life embarrasses me on planet earth (2005) (silky smooth dream-pop, but not very strong)
Woody Whatever - rock monsters - unreleased (2005) (a few patches of good lo-fi but mostly best left to recycle bin)
This Is Hell - s/t EP (2005) (quick, intense melodic hardcore - decent but samey)

Oct 9

The Pale - gravity gets things done (sounding even moreso like Death Cab than their new material as Pale Pacific - not bad)
Aster - suitcase sessions EP (2005)* (synthy indie-pop/rock - too short, want more)
Michael Dean Damron - a perfect day for a funeral (2005)* (country-folk from lead singer of I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House)
Turnerjoy - transplant (sometimes gazey rock)
The Pilot Light - color everything* (pleasant male/female indie-pop, think Sarah Records or even Low when the pace is slowed down)
Careen - crash couture (2005) (so-so pop/rock - vocalist sounds a lot like Matthew Sweet)

Oct 10

Zumpano - look what the rookie did* (quirky power-pop from Newman (New Porno's) old haunt - much in the vein of XTC)
Wedding Present - seamonsters (re-issue)* (old favorite, not their best but still smashing)

Oct 11

Astronautalis - you and yer good ideas (2005)* (cut and paste folky hip-hop)
Banditas - s/t (2005) (kinda like early Superchunk minus the Mac)
Brimstone Solar Radiation Band - s/t (Norweigan psyche-pop with gravelly vocals, think a less jammier Doors for the indie kids)
The Charms - charmed, i'm sure (so-so female fronted power-pop/garage - the occasional sugary hook or harmony)

Oct 12

Steve Dawson - sweet is the anchor (2005) (mellow singer-songwriter type stuff - Steve's got himself a real soulful voice)
Mark Dignam - box heart man (occasional sparkling effort)
Even The Odd - popular among van owners (rough alt.rock, sometimes stooping as low as nu-metal)
Jerry Fels - how to make enemies... (2005) (quirky blend of weird folk and indie-pop with witty lyrics)
The Finale - things can still get better (2005) (pop-punk emo - some really hot shit melodic guitar play here but there were far too many cheesy moments (ugh, the last song) to really recommend it unless you like that kinda thing)
Monet.Madrid.Madagascar - if manatees had trunks (2005) (diverse jerky indie rock)

Oct 13

The Fast Computers - sp EP (2005) (see upcoming review)
Armored Frog - weasel on a weathervane (2005)* (see upcoming review)
Mustangs and Madras - s/t EP* (excellent cross between the mid-period Deep Elm roster and Sweep The Leg Johnny - yep, there's sax up on in there)
Jascha Ephraim - s/t (2005) (really kooky stuff here with samples, beats, faux funk and ridiculous lyrics)

Oct 14

Junkboy - lost parade (2005)* (very nice ambient dreampop with great vocals - solid)
Full White Drag - everything will fall on one night EP (2005) (reminds me a little of Girls Vs. Boys - not bad)
Chris Harrington - you the provider (ok singer-songwriter stuff, kinda power-poppy, kinda like Josh Rouse)
Icky Boyfriends - a love obscene (2CD) (2005) (some really great early GBV meets The Fall type lo-fi garage - suffered from excessive length though)
Grayson Wray - tales of mystery and loneliness (2005)(by-the-numbers trad folk/pop)

Oct 15

Instant Camera - alive on departure (ok upbeat post-punk)
Last Of The Blacksmiths - s/t (2005)* (a stellar combination of Shearwater, Summer At Shatter Creek and Palace/Oldham)
The New Constitution - on 4* (rawkin' power-pop with a slight garagey feel - reminds me a lot of Apples In Stereo during their less psychedelic moments)
The Oxford Set - s/t EP (hey, more of that garage power-pop, though not as memorable)
Clue To Kalo - one way, it's every way (2005)* (primo mellow indie-pop like Death Cab - great warm quality to these songs and nifty instrumentation)
Puller - sugarless (rugged alt.rock with occasional punkness, really dull at times)
Sleepover Disaster - only if... EP (decent dream-pop crossed with 90's indie - very British sounding)
The Sock Angels - let's be friends (2005) (male/female folk-pop outfit - nice at times)
Somerset - pandora (2005) (melodic emo with not much variation from song to song)
Spottiswoode and His Enemies - building a road (very eclectic folksy, gospel-ish chamber-pop here with more than a nod to Leonard Cohen and Velvet Underground)
Tammany Hall Machine - s/t (sometimes great XTC-inspired pop)

Oct 16

Teen Wheat - vs. old wheat (revved-up and angry hardcore punk)
USS Horsewhip - wants you dead (2005) (decent indie punk with more angst than you can shake a stick at)
I Am Electric - thrush (noisy, dynamic indie rock with a few ambient moments)
Thuja - pine cone temples (2CD) (2005) (a very trying exercise in patience, if you expect something to happen in your music, pass)
Tyko - transmissions from the biosphere* (very dreamy shoegaze pop with male/female vocals)

Oct 19

Broken Social Scene - s/t (2005) (a few shining moments but not nearly as moving as their last)

Oct 20

Metric - live it out (2005)* (really strong effort here, took a few listens)
Kelli Hanson - lullaby for an astronaut (2005) (think a younger Liz Phair crossed with Gillian Welch, some quality music on here if patient)
Javelins - no plants, just animals (2005)* (wiry, danceable indie post-punk)
Milo Jones - lifeline (2005)* (very mellow folk - equal parts Nick Drake and Devendra)
Mind Of A Squid - wish (2005)

Oct 21

Minor Majority - up for you and I* (very peaceful and soothing folk-popsmith from Norway - lullabies for the troubled soul indeed)
Past Mistakes - the purgatory LP* (an interesting mix of emo, hardcore and post-rock - I heard some Cave In, earlier Thursday and Explosions In The Sky here)
Sam Champion - slow rewind (2005) (decent indie rock very reminiscent of solo Malkmus or Silver Jews)
Shaking Tree - familiar (2005) (rustic folk/Americana)
Stolen Bike Crusade - s/t EP (2005) (high-octane indie rock with a bit of hardcore)
Woody Whatever - left of center prayers EP (2005)* (probably one of Erik's best releases thus far)
Summer Blanket - whisper louder (2005)* (one of my faves this year)
Woody Whatever - roar EP* (exceptional lo-fi indie pop, the guy's a machine)
Sonic Youth - sister* (old fave)
Sonic Youth - dirty* (old fave)
VA - Not Lame Podcast v.007* (no surprise here, lots of great melodic pop to be discovered)
Antony & The Johnsons - i am a bird now (2005)* (two really fantastic songs here, the opener and Fistful Of Love - i guess that qualifies for a great album these days, eh?)
Sonic Youth - nyc ghosts and flowers* (probably the most underrated Youf album)
Whistle Jacket - rainy day sunshine* (excellent amalgam of 90's and 00's indie rock - I hear some SuperC, Built To Spill and even Teenbeat in here)
VA - Asaurus EP Club #12 (2005)* (3 really awesome bands featured on this volume, possibly the best EP in the series)

Oct 22

Royal Nonesuch - s/t EP (2005)* (quiet, atmospheric folk/Americana - very beautiful and moving)
XTC - english settlement* (old fave, the best of what I have heard from XTC thus far)
Paul McCartney - flaming pie (truly a hit or miss affair here, some of Paul's best and worst all on one disc)

Oct 25

Hugo - low on blood sugar EP (playful piano-pop with unordinary lyrics)
The Break-Up - she went black EP (equal parts classic garage and pop with swagger)

Oct 27

Low - secret name* (old fave)
Aether - apart EP (2005)* (mellow and soothing post-rock, nothing new but capable nonetheless)

Oct 28

Aether - in between the frames* (the better of the two EP's)
The Atlantic Manor - sneaking up on the death scene (2005)* (great lo-fi Neil Youngesque sounds here, not unlike earlier Songs:Ohia)

Oct 29

Wormburner - joy in mudville* (great hootin'/hollerin' synth and guitar indie rock, sounds like (but predates) Clap Your Hands)
Gift Anon - mum's the word (decent Radiohead-ish rock, vocals are a bit sour though)
Turnpike Glow - rush home EP (2005) (quirky indie rock)
Elvyn - the big bay EP (2005) (jangly and rustic pop/rock)
Theselah - s/t (debut for current Kite Operations members, not bad - noisy lo-fi slowcore type stuff)
Built To Spill - ultimate alternative wavers* (old fave)
Capstan Shafts - demon dog of the american park service (2005)* (yep, awesome)

Oct 30

Chuzzlewit - a map of maybes* (compilation of various singles - mellow indie with hints of electronicness - a bit samey after a while but strong nonetheless)
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - #1 EP* (think an ultra-catchy Jens Lekman)
Against Me! - as the eternal cowboy (not as good as I had hoped, heard a few songs from these guys that I liked a lot previously)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - maher on water (so-so cutesy indie-pop from Japan)
Long Winters - ultimatum EP (2005)* (nice little holdover EP, love Roderick's vocals)
This Is A Process Of Still Life - light (2005)* (peaceful post-rock like Album Leaf, Dirty Three)
XTC - the big express* (old fave)

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