Capstan Shafts

Capstan Shafts – Halaluah Moancoaxers! EP

October 11, 2005

download zip file here or individual mp3’s below

01 Love Pundits Bright Future (0:46) (mp3)

02 Lessthreatening Day (1:38) (mp3)

03 Petals On An Austin Rose (0:23) (mp3)

04 Personals Surfer (1:13) (mp3)

05 Sarasota Vs. The Concrete Poets (1:11) (mp3)

06 The Strategy Of Daylight (1:11) (mp3)

07 The Giddy Tramps Marching Orders (1:33) (mp3)

08 Your Hipper Default Settings (1:33) (mp3)

All songs written and recorded by Dean Wells

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