Miracle Drugs

Rally Records rarely steers me wrong, so when a new 7″ gets stuck under my nose I perk up and listen. Here we have a single from Miracle Drugs (in the “classic” 2-song format), which could probably stand on it’s own as a solid release, but I hope really it’s a tease and taste of more material to come. The band is fronted by Zac Damon, whose been around the punk rock block a few times with stints in Zoinks!, Screeching Weasel, and Squirtgun, among others. Both cuts are crunchy, rollicking power pop, the kind made by dudes with balls and booze. No skinny-tie nerds in sight. “I’ll Buy The Drinks” is the dance-by-the-jukebox hit, and while the tempo of “Oh Sookie-O” slows to a drunken stumble, it’s concise and catchy as well. Preview it here, get addicted, and then add another slab of wax to your shelf.

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