Hussalonia – The Broken Hearted Friends

Hussalonia – The Broken Hearted Friends EP

December 1, 2005

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01 – Future Apartments (1:55)

02 – Persuasion (3:23)

03 – Me (4:46)

04 – Your Black Umbrella (3:42)


The Broken Hearted Friends EP contains four songs written by associates of Hussalonia founder Jesse Mank. The songs were originally written for bands that have since broken up and dissolved into obscurity. This “covers” album was made out of a frustration that more people should hear these songs, even if it’s only twenty-five more people. The recordings were made in one or two takes with a limit of six tracks of overdubs. Little effort was made to hide the noises that occurred while the recordings took place. As a result, you can hear cars driving by, chairs creaking, cats jumping from bookshelves and even the dog’s collar jingling in one song. This was done to illustrate the modesty in which these songs have been recorded. These versions are not to trump the originals, but to accompany them on their road to obscurity.

About the songs:

Future Apartments: This song was written for the Buffalo based band The Dollar Canon and released on their Future Apartments EP in 1999. At this writing, the EP is still in print and can be purchased from their website ( In addition, they’ve posted their final album as a free download. Jesse considers Dollar Canon members George Skaros and Jay Mazz good friends, even if neither can return a phone call to save your life.

Persuasion: Josh Davis composed this song under the pseudonym Raydeen in the late 1990s. To our knowledge Raydeen has never officially released anything but this song on a tiny Japanese compilation in 2004. Josh is better known for BitShifter, a project in which he composes music using a Nintendo Gameboy. Jesse encourages people to contact Josh through his website ( and tell him that we need more Raydeen.

Me: The unfortunately titled Milf were at their professional peak in the early 1990s, and became sandwhiched between the relative successes of two other Buffalo bands, Tugboat Annie and the Goo Goo Dolls. Milf landed a deal with the now defunct Big Deal records in 94 (who also put out a latter Enuff Z’Nuff record). By the time Jesse became friends with drummer Brett Essler in the 00s, Milf had passed on. Their ’94 album ha ha bus! is out of print and, unfortunately, could best be found used on the internet.

Your Black Umbrella: Famed lawyer Finney Jean Soda Esq. originally wrote this song for the shelved Hollywood movie Teen Wolf 3 starring One Tree Hill’s Chad Michael Murray. The song was to play during the touching scene when the teen wolf shaves his fur and rinses it off in the rain for love interest Hillary Duff. Due to legal complications, the film was never made and the script was sold to an Argentinian film company who, after rewrites, felt Finney’s song was no longer appropriate. Finney produced Hussalonia’s 2004 release Percy “thrills” Hussalonia and is currently working on a children’s television show called “Hey, that’s my baby seal!”

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  1. Future Apartments is a great song. Listening to the others now; makes me wonder how many mouth-wateringly good bands have vanished into obscurity without me getting the chance to hear them :-(

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